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To Women Who Are Too Busy To Get Healthy

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So many of us are seeking that zone, that sweet spot where dieting just doesn’t exist, you just be. People talk about those magical unicorns where their houses are always clean and if they take a recipe off Pinterest it looks exactly the way it looks in the picture, those people; I’m not one of those people and I’m sure you’re not one of those people either. But there is this sweet spot that you can hit so that you don’t ever feel like you’re dieting, you don’t ever feel the deprivation, you don’t ever feel like you’re going to the gym for the sake of going to the gym. 

I want you to just really sit back and take a listen and think to yourself, “What would it be like'” Close your eyes and get into that state of what would it be like where you woke up and you know exactly what to do, food, workout, you just were one of those magical beings that we’ve seen in the world, you become that unicorn.  


 Trust me, it’s possible,

On this episode of Fit Girl Magic, I talk about how you can truly kick butt in life!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Learn the 17 steps to winning in life
  • Understand what productivity has to do with health and fitness
  • How to move the needle for success in any area of your life
  • Learn the Pomodoro technique to tackle even your most hated tasks
  • Why you need to stop using a to do list and what to do instead
  • What is grace and how to offer it to yourself
  • How you can make time for yourself, even when you’re super driven Knowing your why to stay motivated
  • The fast way to get rid of distractions
  • The secret to releasing overwhelm and gaining clarity


How To Kick Butt Action Guide 



Eat That Frog


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