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To Women Who Want To Declutter But Can’t Get Started

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As we approach the end of the year and start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, a common goal emerges among many of us—decluttering. In this episode of Fit Girl Magic, I speak with decluttering expert Brittany Bowman to shed light on the art of organizing and creating harmony in our personal spaces. 


The Subjectivity of Clutter
The first thing I learned in our conversation is that clutter can be subjective; what feels chaotic to one may seem orderly to another. Brittany emphasizes that clutter becomes problematic when it triggers anxiety or discomfort. It’s about finding a ‘window of tolerance’ that supports your lifestyle while allowing your home to cultivate peace.

Societal Pressures and Self-Acceptance
Many of you grapple with societal judgments concerning how your home should look. Both Brittany and I underscore the importance of self-acceptance and  creating a living space that reflects your personal standard of comfort—not societal expectations.

Decluttering with ADHD
Brittany candidly shares her journey of merging her natural inclination for organization with the chaotic nature of her ADHD brain. She highly recommends finding that sweet spot the place between accepting one’s natural tendencies while creating a sense of order that works for you.

Finding Joy in the Kitchen
I share that a clean kitchen is my non-negotiable, I truly believe that it’s a reflection of a healthy environment. We talk about ‘doom piles,’ stacks of unresolved clutter that many step over without noticing, highlighting the need to find quick, effective storage solutions that alleviate stress.

Building a Decluttering Mindset
The path to decluttering isn’t about conforming to societal norms but discovering what levels of organization bring you joy. Brittany’s advice is to focus on feeling good in your space, which subsequently shifts your mindset toward openness and self-acceptance.

Organizing your home is about creating a sanctuary that resonates with you and makes you feel happy. As Brittany aptly puts it, your home is a living entity meant to support you, not a burden to be constantly maintained. Fit Girl Magic invites you to consider what decluttering means for you as we step into the new year, and just possibly, a fresher, lighter way of living.

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