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To Women Who Want To Lose Weight But Can’t’ Get Started

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Today, I am taking you behind the scenes today on what goes into coaching my magic makers!! If I am working with a client, how do I help you find your inner magic’  What are the steps’  It took me a while for myself to put it into words, but these are the same steps I took myself to come through to where I am today.  These are the steps that I pulled from my experiences with working with thousands of women over the years.  These are the pieces and the process I have put together so that they can see how they could get to the success they were looking for.


If you remember a few podcast episodes back, I talked about having the 4 principles of weight loss.  The 4 principles are this..

  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Exercise
  • Habits

These are the 4 pieces that when we start to think about losing weight, getting fit and getting healthier, these are the 4 pieces that need to be in place!  So, when we start working together, I will go through an assessment with you.  Within this assessment, you will be able to figure out what piece is your weakest link.  Maybe something is off with one piece of the puzzle.  But that is ok! Because we all have a piece that is less than optimal. We all have those periods; we all have those seasons.

Once you understand the 4 principles of weight loss and understand the area that is functioning in a less than optimal you and I can go do to work. I call this my 5 C’s!! And they are…

  • Clarity
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Courage
  • Consistency

You will take that piece that you have chosen to work on, and you will go through all 5 of these steps.


This is exactly what it sounds like.  Getting clear… What does success MEAN TO YOU’  A lot of people aren’t clear on what they want to accomplish by going down this journey. I mean, if I wanted to go to Cali from Boston in my RV,  I NEED to be clear on what route I am taking right”’ So, let’s get clear on what success looks like for you.  What is it going to look like’  Do you believe in yourself’ If you are not sure, go back and listen to this podcast about Self Trust after you are done reading this! Alright great!! Now I have self-belief, then I am going to figure out my goals! And in order to find out your goals, I am going to run you through the REPS Formula™ I have created.  (yes people, I’ve got another podcast for you to listen to! And it’s all about REPS!)  Within that REP’s Formula™ you are going to figure out if your goals are realistic, are you excited for them,  is it or can it be planned into your life, and is it sustainable’ Can I do this for 3 months to 3 years’  And what limiting beliefs do you have’ Do you have triggers that might get in your path’ Do you believe it’s all or nothing’  Let’s GET CLEAR on all of these things first and foremost!


THIS IS YOUR WHY!! Simon Sinek has an amazing Ted Talk all about this, about YOUR WHY.   highly recommend checking it out.  But YOUR WHY is YOUR MOTIVATION!  Your why is the thing that gets you out of bed on those cold snowy mornings!  That is your motivation!  Your why can be an internal thing, your internal spark, your internal glow…  What are your external motivators’  Does it get you inspired to take action’ Maybe you are doing it to be able to run around with grandkids or keep up with your own kids. Maybe you want to be able to be mobile when you’re in your 80’s and 90’s. That’s YOUR WHY. That’s your motivation and what will keep you going when time gets hard! Things will be hard and rough there will be days that you can’t. But your why will come up and get yourself up and get going.  This is your connection to it all.


This is the step where you are going to get creative my friends.  A lot of us have been down the diet path UMPTEEN times and you have done it and you are done with it!  This is where you are going to make peace with food and let go of “dieting”. It’s not about following a playbook for X amount of days, it’s really about taking a look at your hunger, your energy and your cravings.  If one of those 3 pieces is out of whack, something is out of whack!

I was eating the same way for 15 years and I became stuck!  I had to hire someone to flip the script on me and change things up for myself, to help me change things and get my body to get to where I wanted to get it.  You have to start creating new habits! And for me, my new habit was I didn’t have to go to the gym for 2 hours a day!  I could break my workouts down into 30-60 minutes (usually only 30) and I AM GOOD!  I also had to break up with old habits like me needing 5 meals a day! I had to change that and let myself get a little hungry and not eat by the clock. It took creativity and a bit of time, but I got there, and I haven’t looked back.


This is the messy middle…

You are so uncomfortable. Like sand in your bathing suit…

You are so uncomfortable you want it to stop…

BUT!  You have to push through those obstacles and overcome them.  You need to know what those obstacles are.  What are those things that seem to trip you up and knock you down that you don’t get up from’  Let’s talk about that! If they always knock you on your booty, they will continue until you say enough IS ENOUGH!! When you and I work together,  we will lay them out.  This is where you will learn to not only have courage but to have patience as well.

Ladies, I’ve been on this train for over 15 years and I get it.  But the best thing I can say is if you are sick and tired of yourself, sick and tired of I know what to do but just not doing it if I had a plan.  And YOUR PLAN IS MONDAY’  Well, how many Mondays have you said Monday’ And now we are in the new year.  Monday isn’t a plan.. You have to change our thinking.  You have to say, “If I want to get where I want to be, I have to do something different. It has to be different.”   THIS broke me from my need to be perfect. Perfection is simply a myth!

I want you to always go with what is good, better, best, what is best’ What is the best I can inspire to be’ Then what’s the next thing and then the last “hey, I am just going to accept good enough, something is better than nothing.”  When you have this good, better, best tier, you feel like a winner!  Because guys, some of us set ourselves at being the best all the time and we let ourselves DOWN all the time. And if we let ourselves down, how easy is it to get motivated’ It’s not!!

In this courage piece, you have to say this is where it is going to get hard. This is where most people turn back.  We see the chasm and we are like NOPE we are going to turn back and not cross it. How many times have you got to this point in a program and just said it’s too hard… I am going back!’!  Well, you are NOT going back now. Put on your rain boots, because we are going through the suck! Because on the other side of this is what you have desperately been looking for and waiting for. And that is the CONSISTENCY!


The consistency gives us what we have desperately been begging for and waiting for.  The consistency GETS US THE RESULTS!  It’s not the diet or the waist trainer, or the weight loss shake, it’s consistency!  It’s you vs you. You working on my mindset and telling your ego to shut up because you are doing this!  You are getting to this part and you have to go through the 4 weight loss principles to get here, but damn we are getting there.  You HAVE TO TELL YOURSELF that you are in it to win it!

In this consistency, place is where my Fit Girl Magic formula comes from and this is where it falls in.  I’m sure you wonder. The women who are reaching their goals, what do these people have’  They have great habits. Those habits turn into routines, those routines turn into consistency and it’s the consistency… that gets you those results!  This is how it all started and how I got onto the other side when my body gave me the finger, and this is how I get all my clients to the other side. You need to start working on your habits.  And guess what” Those 4 weight loss principles are the beginning of the episodes are where you start to build your habits.

To help you remain consistent and keep your habits going in the right direction, I want you to think about an IF-THEN plan.  This is going to benefit you when you get to the weekends or have events or nights out.  I want you to have fun, but you have to make sure you have something healthy associated with it.  How it works, f you go out and IF you have a fun dessert, THEN you are going to have extra vegetables with your entree.  Or IF you are going to have 2 glasses of wine, THEN you want to make sure your meal is mainly protein-based.  This is not a punishment or a way to balance it out. It’s a way for me to start getting you to think about whether it’s possible to have fun foods while maintaining your health!

Alright, this is it!  These are the 5 things I bring EVERYONE through who I work with.  This is really all about asking ourselves better questions. Tony Robbins says, “If you want to live a better life, you have to ask better questions”.   And I found through my investment in coaching, they have helped me to ask myself better questions.  They help me to see through my own BS.. For many of us, our shit doesn’t stink, but if we look at where we are,  what is your weak link’ When you walk through the 5 Cs are things starting to make sense’  The goal of my podcasts is to get you to think and look within yourself.

I have got homework for you guys though!! What is your IDEAL outcome’  What would it feel like if you were in your ideal outcome right now’  Give me 3 obstacles, barriers, people that you feel always get in your way or could potentially get in your way.  What’s one simple thing you can do right now to get moving on this goal’  Take some time. Chew on this for a moment and if you are comfortable with it, I invite you to shoot me an email and share this with me!!!  Email me! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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