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Top 10 Grocery Shopping Tips

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Raise your hands if had to grocery shop. It’s okay do, but I have gotten it down to science and can get in out of the store in 30 minutes. Yep, 30 minutes. I can go faster at a Stop and Shop that has the self scanner, wear I scan and pack my groceries while I shop only stopping at the checkout to pay. HOLLA, that is the best invention for me.

So here is how I get in and out of the store with ease.

  1. Shop the perimeter — I know you’ve heard this time time and time again, but its true the freshest foods and non-processed foods are placed on the perimeter of the store
  2. Make list — I keep my list on the fridge, I put down items we run out of as well as items that we are running low on, plus there always staples that I keep stocked in my fridge, before I leave for the store I run thought the staple list and highlight the items that I need.
  3. Go a full stomach — another one you’ve heard, but trust me, when you shop hungry. You fall pray to the tastings that they have the store, the candy aisle looks amazing, as well as the strategically placed sale junk items
  4. Buy whole grains— Whole grains keep you satisfied longer.  Now don’t be fooled it manufacturers have started to put this information on the front of the box. It’s not the front of the box the really count, you MUST look at the ingredients on the back to truly understand what’s inside.
  5. It’s okay to eat frozen food — in fact when you can’t get fresh veggies or fish, frozen makes a great alternative.
  6. Add some color — mix up your produce choice by adding all colors of the rainbow, this will ensure that you are getting all your nutrients.
  7. Save money by buying fresh vegetables in season — when possible shop a farmer’s markets and buy local when possible
  8. Packaged prepared foods are okay, but again make sure you look at the ingredients, if you need a chemistry degree to understand what’s in it put it back on the shelf.
  9. Choose real foods over processed foods, again check the back of the label you want to read the back of the label does it contain more than 5 ingredients and can you pronounce the ingredients.
  10. Use coupons wisely, when you need to purchase 3 of something to save a few cents, ask yourself do you really need 3 or are you sucked into deal mode.

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