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Top 4 Healthy Resolutions

Most people wake up on January 1st and vow this is the year that they will drop the weight, make more money, have stronger relationships and/or get a new job.

The new year is a logical time to start a new, healthy behavior.

We’re 2 weeks to the new year, which one of these resolutions have you made”

1 – Lose ‘X’ pounds

 You will have a better chance of hitting this goal when you are specific. Also be prepared to give yourself time. Our bodies AREN”T on the same timetable as our minds. For most weight loss is roughly ¼ pound -1 pound/week. The more you want it the less the scale will move, so I encourage you break up the scale and use another means to measure your progress.

2 – Exercise more regularly

Right behind dieting for weight loss, starting to work out or do it on a regular basis. I encourage you to come up with a schedule that works for you and that is sustainable. I want you to not be one of those of fall apart after President’s Day.

3 – Walk 10,000 steps every day

For the last few years I’ve worn a fit bit and I’m smitten!! I love it when the fit bit buzzes when I hit 10,000. I love the community of people who I’ve met through the Fitbit groups. Walking is simple and easy and does wonders for your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Walking is also good for your mental health!

4 – Cut back on your alcohol and caffeine intake

 I’m not telling anyone to break up with coffee. I love me some coffee. It’s my jam; it’s what gets me out of bed. I also love to have a nice glass of vino! However, too much caffeine or alcohol can negatively affect how your brain works. Also are filled with empty calories and can have a negative impact if weight loss is a goal of yours. Have an honest conversation with yourself, and see if cutting back on caffeine and alcohol is a resolution you need to make.


How do you stick to a resolution when you have not in the past’

Have you have to set yourself up for success’ Did you purge the unhealthy foods from your kitchen. Ditch the alcohol, caffeine or other resolution breaking triggers in your home, vehicle and at work.

The best way to keep going is to start small and build your effort gradually. Keep a journal where you record your progress, successes and failures.

Set challenging but achievable goals. If you stumble and fall along the way, get up, brush yourself off, and start again. Give yourself credit for your victories and reward yourself. Find a resolution partner.

Could your body use a reboot’‘  Do you think that’s possible in just 7 days””



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