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When Should You Toss It’

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clean out your fridge week

I know that I’m a FREAK about how long food stays in my fridge. My husband constantly makes fun of me because I FREEZE everything immediately. I hate to see food go to waste, because I couldn’t eat it before it went bad.

It’s National Clean Out Your Fridge Week and I wanted to share with you some quick tips around how long you should keep some popular food items.

  • Eggs fresh in the shell – 3-5 weeks
  • Poultry (cooked) – 3-4 days (raw) – 1-2 days
  • Yogurt – 7-14 days

Here are just a few, are you looking for a specific food, check this database.

Well that great, I have a database that I can check my food, but what does best buy, best if used by and all that those terms mean.

  1. Best Buy — the food manufacturer makes up this date. Basically it is still good, but it may have subtle changes. If anything smells or look funny DUMP in the trash immediately.
  2. Sell Buy — this when the store should sell the product by. They say you can still use it, provided you use it by the Keep It Toss It Guidelines.
  3. Expires on — the federal government mandates this and you will find this on mainly baby food products.

After you’ve tossed all your food be sure to wipe down the fridge and the condiments that you put back into the fridge.

If you are on a roll and want to clean out your pantry, check out this out.


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