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Track Your Progress!!

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When you typically start a fitness program that first question you ask yourself is when am I going to see results. Well, I ask you how are you going to track results. Are the results you are seeking are measurable. If you told a stranger on the street would they be able to know’ I always challenge my clients to come up with goals that are MEASURABLE. If you don’t measure it do, you cant’ manage it.

What are 2 simple ways to track weight loss progress.Tweet: What are 2 simple ways to track weight loss progress. #getfitnow #weightloss #leanandsexy

There are different types of measurements you can take.  It is a good idea to have several options so that you can get a balanced assessment of your progress.

Here are two simple ways that you can measure your progress.

  • Get Out The Tape Measure — You can make a note of your body measurements  by using a measuring tape.  The areas that would be good to measure are the waist, the hips, and the chest or bust area.  You might also want to take note of the size of each thigh and each bicep. As you get fitter, you will notice that these areas will reduce in size.  Get your tape measure out and log the changes in a notebook book or your journal. I recommend doing this when you start and again every 4 weeks.
  • Pull out a piece of clothing — If you are someone who has a closet filled with clothes that are different sizes, pick the size that you want to wear and can sustain. Try on that item and make a mental note of where it doesn’t fit well.  If possible, I recommend taking a pic so that you can place it on your fridge or some place that will remind you of your goals. Again, you’ll want to try on this clothing every 4 weeks to see the difference. Does the zip close a little bit more’ Do the buttons come together a little better’  Does it feel less tight around the hip and thigh areas’

Again, if you like, you can take a photo and compare the difference.  Over the course of your new healthy eating and exercise regime, you should notice that your favorite outfit now fits a little better.  The ultimate aim will be when you feel as comfortable and confident in that outfit as you did when you first purchased it.  Then you know that you have reached your goal and you have achieved your target weight.

Taking accurate measurements is a great way to notice the physical changes occurring to your body. This is just one tool that will keep you motivated until you hit your target.

Do you have other ways to track your progress’ I’d love to hear, please leave me a comment below.


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