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Training For The Miami Half Marathon

So, I’m going for one of my goals. I have been thinking about running a half marathon for about 10 years. I stopped running because of the pain in my ass. I started working with a great posture guy and I was able to run the Falmouth Road Race (7.1 miles) 2 times without pain. So now I’m going to go for it.  The race is on Sunday, January 31st and my half marathon training starts on Monday!

As I begin my half marathon journey I will keep you all updated on how I’m doing. Today was a rare warm November day in New England.  I decided to go for  a little mini run (4 miles) and right now I feeling like seriously, am I going to make it 4 miles were tough! Here is my training schedule for this week.

  • Monday intervals and strength
  • Tuesday run 3 miles
  • Wednesday rest
  • Thursday Cross Train
  • Friday rest
  • Saturday 4 miles
  • Sunday Cross Train/Yoga

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