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Don’t Leave Home Without!

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Today is all about what I would need in order to live someplace else. Here is my list of must haves. home button This list is not in any particular order.

  1. must be centrally located — I’m a social person and I like to walk. So I want to be able to walk to get something to eat or have a coffee or adult beverage
  2. must be able to see the water — I don’t need to be on the water as I’m not a fan of pumping out my basement if there is a storm, but I do enjoy the breezes you get from the water and hearing the seagulls and the tranquility that water brings with it.
  3. my husband — I like being around him. Plus he’s fun!!
  4. easy access to the airport — I’m not one of those folks who likes to go somewhere and the closest airport is like a 2+ hour drive.
  5. 2 bedrooms — if we are staying at a place for at least 1 month. So that we don’t drive each other crazy it’s a must that we have some space between husband and me.
  6. technology — must have a high speed internet connection and great cell coverage. Nothing makes me more crazy than slow internet connection. Sorry I just don’t have the  patience any more =) I remember dial up and once we got a high speed cable modem there was no turning back!!
  7. kitchen — I need a place to make coffee. My day doesn’t get started without a cup of coffee — it’s my vice and I look forward to it!!
  8. cool vibe — I love going places where my husband and I look at each other and say yeah we can stay here!
  9. workout — a need a place that has a good gym or a place where I can move

What’s your list look like what would you need if you left home for an extended period of time”


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