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Are You A Travel Diva Or Can You Rough It’

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In my past I used to travel over 100,000 miles each year and I had a routine. Over the past few years, I’ve barely traveled, with today’s challenge I’m really scratching my head and thinking hmmm what tools do I need to be happy in this gypsy lifestyle.

Here goes.

  1. Given all that is going on with the world I must first check to see if thee are any trouble spots in the world
  2. Not one to be sidelined with diseases, I’d really look into see what shots are needed.
  3. Ideally I’d like follow the seasons and move from place to place before it gets to hot or to cold. So I’d need to check the weather.
  4. Can I plug my stuff in” What sort of plug devices will I need.
  5. This may sound a little DIVA — but I need my internet. Yes, free Wi-Fi is great when you can find it, but if I need to pay bills or buy stuff on so I’d need to invest in a mifi — or find a place I can secure wifi.
  6. A gym or an area to workout.

How about you” What are you needs when travel” Leave me a comment below.


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