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The Truth About Weight Loss — No One Is An Overnight Success

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I’m here to tell you. When you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle it won’t happen overnight. If you are like me, you have the patience of a gnat. In my mind once I think it, it should just happen. Right. Well. Not so much. Think of it like this you don’t just have sex one night then have a baby the next night. Good things take time. How do you wait it out without losing your stuff’

  1. Ask yourself what is the rush. Do you feel if you don’t get it right away you are never going to get there’
  2. Where is your focus’ Are you thinking about of the things you don’t have or are you looking forward to where you journey is going to take you. The law of attraction says what you focus expands so why not focus on the good.
  3. I am enough. Our inner critic starts talking to us, feeding our thoughts of our worth. You start looking around at everyone who has what you want and say to yourself am I enough. Will I ever get what I need’ You inner critic is right there is say no you aren’t. You need to stay where you are it’s say here. When I start to feel like I’m not enough I go to what I call my highlight reel. I watch motivational YouTube videos and read affirmations. When you get down what will you do’
  4. Consistency. Wanna hit your goals, you must take action every single day. Simple actions every day will help build momentum that you can sustain
  5. Move your feet! Success will not happen overnight. Many times we think we need to buy a program or follow a guru to get results. That’s not the solution. You need to make a plan and take daily action! You will get there, but it takes time. You are not alone you have support.

You must stay the course on your journey. This is where you have to say to yourself the universe has your back. Trust in yourself know that time will pass and you could pass time working on your goals or sitting around thinking about what you don’t have.
Patience is the real key to success. Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Napoleon Hill


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