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Today is all about what makes me special. It’s about why you would choose to work with me. This one was particular hard for two reasons. 1. I don’t really like to shine the spotlight on me, I’m more of a background stage manager type person. and 2. It caused me to get really deep and think about what I really want and be very open. I’m usually the one asking the questions to help you open up and get to the heart of  what you are really feeling. Now.. this was the spotlight being put on me and my feelings and that’s not something I really do. I’m the one asking questions (not in a police interrogation kind of way) or the smart ass in the corner telling jokes.

    1. What are you better at than anyone else’ No, I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I just think I have a different approach from a number of trainers. I believe the YOU the client has the answer. I don’t. I work with you to meet you where they are. Using questions and listening to you to better understand your motivations behind making a changes in your life.
    2. What do you enjoy doing the most’ Helping you achieve your dreams. I can see the strengths in you and will breathing belief into you when you don’t or can’t believe in yourself. I enjoy showing you how to stop dieting and embrace your changes as a lifestyle.
    3. What do (or could) you provide that no one else is providing’ I listen to all the facts and work with you to brainstorm different solutions that will work best for you. Together we create a road map leading you to your dreams. This is so POWERFUL!
    4. What annoys people the most about your industry or blog area’ When folks get on their high horse and telling YOU  what YOU need to do without any flexibility. I also get frustrated with the bootcamp type instructors/fitness professionals who believe in no pain no gain. If you aren’t hobbling the next day it’s not a workout. Running/treadmill sprints and balls to the wall cardio each and everyday is not the way to get leaner it’s the way to an over training, overuse injury.  Now.. I’m not giving your carte blanche to eat fried foods and ice cream. But I do believe in meeting you where you are. I also believe in a safe and sensible approach.
    5. What is remarkable about you’ I have a sense of humor. I don’t take myself so seriously. I’m honest to a fault. You will always know where I stand. I will also hold you accountable to helping you to achieve your goals and dreams. If you want to achieve your dreams I’m your girl.
    6. Do you have an unusual combination of elements’ What is unusual about me is also remarkable about me is my unusual combinations of elements. I have a sense of humor, a way of explaining fitness concepts in layman terms to you so that your really understand.  I have a way of putting you at ease, encouraging you to answer questions openly and honestly. This is the first big step toward permanent change.
    7. Do you have a big personality’ Yes. I can sometimes be a loud and over the top type of person. It’s just that I”m sure passionate about what I do for a living that I can be a get a little excited.

They say no 2 snowflakes are a like and I feel the same way about trainer relationships and their clients. Each relationships has its on fingerprint and each client approach is different based on where they are in life. 30 day challenge


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