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Unrealistic Expectations

The show the Biggest Loser is a blessing and a curse!  A blessing because I know of a number folks who it’s motivated off the couch to take action towards a healthy lifestyle.
A curse, because it sets such UNREALSITIC weight loss expectations.  I am currently running a Transformation program and the husband of one of the participants had the wife call me to say that my guarantee of 8 pounds in 8 weeks isn’t enough of an incentive, because he watches the “Biggest Loser”  and those contestants lose more weight that.
My first thought is does he want me to move in with them and go all Jullian Michaels on his a$@.  Then pick me! Okay, so that was a thought that I had in my head, but how awesome would that be if I said that!

My response to that well, those folks are obese and the weight they are losing is primary, water and some muscle.  Once they get to a reasonable weight the rapid weight loss they initially experience will slow

The facts:
It takes a caloric deficit of 3500 calories to drop 1 pound.
So the average person, if they reduce their calorie intake by 500 calories/day should expect lose at least 1 pound/week.  If you increase activity level by adding a little cardio and strength training you may boost that to 2 pounds/week. 
Any weight loss about that amount isn’t typical, sustainable or realistic.  So please look at reality shows for pure entertainment. Unless you are looking for me to become your new roommate.


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