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Using Math to Overcome Overeating

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Alright, a good amount of us can attest to this… Overeating! Either you have been overeating your entire life, or you are a stress overeater, or bored overeating, whatever it maybe you know what it means to overeat. But DID you know that there is a way to overcome overeating and it actually has to do with math…. WILD, I KNOW! My guest Tracy Pleschourt, the founder of Self-Made U, drops some serious golden nuggets that you are going to want to listen closely to!

So many of us overeat which then leads to SHAME! It is a constant cycle that can be so hard to stop. I have been there, and Tracy has been there as well. We feel all the feels, ladies… The shame and lack of control. But it wasn’t until Tracy understood that her brain was being mismanaged, which was what was ultimately creating those overeats. This is why she invests so much time and energy into people managing their brain, and awareness of how you are actually getting the result (overeating) in the first place! Thought, makes you feel desire, and that desire gives you the urge, the urge is to go face down in the plate of cookies, and that creates an experience of overeating. Instead, what we want to learn is to not be reactive, we want to learn how to respond instead.

So many of you have trained yourself that when these feelings happen, or events happen, this is what we do. And it becomes a habit. And that’s not your fault. Our primitive brain was designed to seek pleasure, avoid pain and be efficient or habitual.

It is actually doing what it’s designed to do. But if you can take a step back and look at your results and say, “I don’t want to overeat and stay in this place I do not love.” If you can take that step back and say, “NOPE, I don’t want to continue to do this.” Then you can see it as a function of your primitive brain. What you have to do is interrupt that reaction to that urge. And if you can notice it unfolding, that’s when you can respond. This will look a whole lot different than reacting!

“When I started realizing that my primitive brain is operating like everyone else, then I can start to relieve myself of the shame. That is not me. Get over yourself, this is the function of a primitive brain, we all have it and want to have it. Nothing has gone wrong, instead, it’s time to look at your results and ask yourself if you want to keep creating this for yourself?” – Tracy

You can continue to be the victim or think you are a special snowflake, or you can make a choice and retain control. You do have control. But it takes you getting really honest with yourself. This is why Tracy teaches basic math and science with the brain because we can’t argue that it’s evident. You have to take responsibility; you have to ask yourself questions. And those questions are what trips the trigger on your prodigy brain (prefrontal cortex). When you ask these hard questions, you will get different results. You will get something different because you WANT different results.

This methodology works every time, but it does require you to take responsibility and for you to get honest with yourself. If you want to continue to play the shame game and fall victim, then you won’t make a choice. You won’t even look at your experience to make that choice.

We know that 1+2= 3. But if we change 1 number, we then get different results!
Everybody thinks that it’s an action that needs to be taken. But actually, it is not the action where you need to start, it is the thought!!! If you are looking at my mind math formula, it is the thought that will change the way you feel! And that will have you show up and change the variable. The variable isn’t the action. It is changing the way you are thinking. It’s the easiest place to start and it’s the most effective way because it will sustain results!

It’s really good to know that once you understand the science that you are reacting from the primitive brain, it’s very simple. You have a primitive and a prodigy part of your brain. You’re either reacting from the primitive brain or you’re responding from your prodigy brain. Once you see that and how simple it can be, now you can take that control back. You will still have that primitive brain, but you don’t want to be reacting from the primitive brain.

So many people say they can’t trust themselves to have that one food in the house. Is that the rewiring of the thought about trusting yourself? How does one gain a little bit of trust in themselves?

It looks like a baby step. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and trust yourself. It’s about strengthening a muscle. What can I do today? How can you ask yourself these questions in a way that works for your brain? “Is it possible that I might be able to go tonight without that food or that wine?” or “If that makes you feel different then you need to stop over drinking or overeating.” One way you ask yourself these questions creates a variable, and one creates restrictions and deprivation. It’s not the actions, but the thought that will eventually lead to those actions

But if you want sustainable change, you have to back it up to what is the root cause. The root cause is your thinking and it’s either coming from your primitive brain or prodigy brain. That’s what takes the effort right there to trick the trigger of the prodigy brain by asking a question.

This math mind works for everything, not just weight loss because it strips away the damn drama! It’s simple and we want to make it hard! I want everyone to try this in regards to “is it possible?” ask yourself that. Is it possible that losing weight or not overeating could actually be simple?

There are going to be hard days, there are going to be days that you question everything under the sun. How do we get through that impatient part?
There isn’t an end date. Instead, let’s look at weight loss holistically. How do you want to live day to day? If you start to back away from the belief, the thought that there is a finish line, and you start to consider another belief that seems reasonable, then this is part of the process. I am feeling much better every day. My memory is clearer, my moods are more stable, and I am sleeping better. If you can back away from finite thinking and consider this is all part of the process.

When you can recognize that you are only feeling something because of an unintentional thought you are thinking, it starts to make a lot more sense! Why am I showing up this way? Why am I throwing a cookie down my throat? Why am I opening a bottle of wine before I know what I am doing? It’s because you are feeling impatient because it’s not happening fast enough! Get really clear on how your mind math is playing out and unfolding for you. (I have this mind math formula on my website, and I highly recommend grabbing this free resource.) When you can see how your primitive brain creates your experience, now we just have to learn how to NOT react and respond instead.
There are 4 basics we teach at Self-Made U and that acronym is SELF!

1. S – is solving the mind math.
2. E – is eating foods that fuel you. You have to understand what uniquely fuels you. Not what fuels your neighbor or partner. YOU!
3. L – is learning to collect data so you are making decisions from data, not drama! (this is HUGE)
4. F – is fasting. Fasting intermittently so you are balancing your insulin and metabolically become more fit.

This is about DATA NOT DRAMA!!!

Mind Math is so important because this is how YOUR brain works!!! When you can make something so personable and applicable, you will learn. We don’t learn from being talked to; we learn from the application. Another thing, we cater to the lifelong learner. Step into that because that is how we keep evolving. It’s a different iteration every day. Most lifelong learners want to optimize and it’s only possible if you are willing to look at the data and create responsibility and create a choice. Life-long learning is a great thing, and you should wear that cloak with honor. It really encourages us to iterate and optimize and not think that we have to be perfect because perfection is not required.

If you are a logical person like me, you need this in your life! Go and check out ALL that she has to offer! She puts out some really great stuff, so this is something you need to look into not only on her website but on her socials too!

What makes you feel magical?
Laughing…. I would say I am in this kind of magical place when I am belly laughing, just having fun, and being playful. If there was one place to be, it would be in that place!!


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