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Are you waiting for it to be perfect”

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This week I’ve been doing a performance challenge with some of my clients. Each week they are to try a different physical challenge and then share the number for a chance to win a prize.
Here were the reactions —
My over thinkers — had a million questions to make sure they were doing it perfectly.
My perfectionist — told themselves they weren’t good enough so they didn’t even try
Do you take yourself out of the game before you even show up’ Do you tell yourself why try’ Are you always cheering for the interception vs thinking about what could possibly go right”’
The moral of the story. I had several women go for it and broke them out by age just to be fair. I had only one women who went for it in our 25-35 age group submit her numbers and guess what — she won a tshirt because she had the balls to go for it.
Ladies, are you letting life pass you by before you are waiting for a signal, clue, the timing to be right, to have all the right answers.
Guess what…. it’s NEVER GOING TO BE PERFECT~~
► no one is perfect or always experience success.
►no one is perfect and gets it right every time
►everyone suffer from failures and setbacks
► successes will likely far outweigh failures
► striving for perfection can undermine everything you want to accomplish and set you up for failure because absolute perfection doesn’t exist.
► its best to think of your efforts as striving to be the best you can be.
► live up to your own standards vs someone else’s
Most importantly, know that the only person you can control is yourself, and by accepting who you are at the core, you’ll learn to be happy with what you have—imperfections and all.
Are you a perfectionist” Join me on Tuesday, August 22nd when I help you to break free of perfection and keep the main the the main thing.

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