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Want A Healthier Life’ Focus On Mindset

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When we Jennifer Scott about  5 years ago, she LITERALLY changed my complete way of thinking about MINDSET.  THISSS is the woman who cracked me like a freaking walnut and truly showed me that mindset means everything.  She found a way to help me open the door, and I just cannot imagine where my life would be if I did not have multiple conversations with her. 

For many, change can be an awesome thing and they dive right in like a freaking cannonball.  But for others, there is no cannonball, there is just a dip of your big toe, then you ease on into it slowly. For me, I am a little bit of both, like most of you probably are.  For some things, I cannonball right in, but for other things, I look at that pool and I am like NOPE that is not for me!   

So what do you do If you know you want to make this change but you don’t know how to make those first steps… How do you start to make those first steps into change, into that pool”’ 

First, there is going to be a real happy with the way things are doing or do you have an itch to do something else’ Or do you simply just feel out of alignment’  When things in your life feel  out of alignment, then something needs to be looked at, something needs to change. Then you have to get clear on where this desire is coming from. Which of the two voices is giving you this itch or desire to change’ Is it the ego voice, the voice that gets caught up in things that aren’t important and is part of you that feels dissatisfied’ Or is it coming from your inner guide and universe or God, whichever you so choose to call it’ This is the voice of truth that is bringing you back into alignment and the best direction for you.  

So when we get that itch and unsettled feeling, it’s so important to get clear on which of those voices is talking to you or pulling you towards where you need to be. And you will feel it. There is ease and effortlessness in your life when you are aligned and when you feel that you will just know it.  

When you start to get clear on WHAT is driving you, and WHO is in the driver’s seat, whether it is the voice of the ego, or it is the voice of that inner wise self that says we are worthy of health and wellness, worthy of loving yourself.. Then we need to be able to PRESS PAUSE!  “A pause is a rest, it is not a stop.” and often this is such a MUST NEEDED rest!   

{ If you feel like you are on the opposite end of all this and you just aren’t showing up enough for yourself whether it be at the gym, in your family, or your job,  then this still will work for you!  It is okay if you are feeling distracted or you are retreating or just completely disengaged.  Or maybe you have a fear of commitment because you feel it may be too hard, or you’ve been down this road before and you’ve been disappointed.. “So if I don’t try, I don’t commit, I won’t be disappointed.” Right’  If this is you… you still want to go through this process of finding that voice, pausing and getting in the right mindset to move forward. } 

Alright, so you  are pausing now and giving yourself that “rest” you need to get in the right mindset.  And don’t skip this part, this is needed.  Because just like a car, if that check engine light comes on, you pull over the dang car and you check under the hood to see what the hell is going on! YOU ARE THE CAR! And you don’t keep driving, we PULLOVER before the issues turn into something bigger.  Personally, for me, it took me mannyyy check engine lights turning on before I finally checked under the damn hood.  

Just know that this is not an overnight thing that magically corrects itself after working on it for one day.. This is something you have to work on every day! You aren’t going to just write it down and poof you’re good, just like when you go into a gym.. You aren’t going to work on biceps one day and be good forever, you are actually going to work on them again and again and again. Our goal is to get you  to stop and say, “HUH…” and think differently!  

What happens if you are having issues connecting and actually getting going”  If you aren’t sure which voice is pushing you, then you will have to dig deeper!   

  1. The first step is to sit down and have a conversation with YOURSELF! Sit down, do yoga, meditate, go for a walk or have a cup of coffee with yourself. But make sure it is just with you and no one else. This won’t work if you sit down with a friend or family member because then you will get outside influences, you really want this to just be about YOU!
  2. This is a going inside thing. Go inside yourself.  
  3. Find the willingness to say, “Why am I pushing myself so hard’” or.. “Why am I not showing up’” Or is it something in between’
  4. Really try and tune into what is happening when you are sitting with yourself. What is coming up when you do this’
  5. Then sit with yourself again and again until something comes to you. And it will!
  6. Trust yourself, and this will affect your mindset greatly. Many of us don’t have self-trust, so you need to trust. 
  7. And when it comes to you, say it out loud, put it out there to the universe! Put the questions out to the universe and see what comes back, wait for that answer. 

Intentionally pause, ask and listen… 

The answers WILL start to come but sometimes never as you think it is going to be!  It will be in a weird conversation with a stranger or a damn commercial! Or in the most bizarre situation.  The universe has a sense of humor in that way where YOU WILL SEE the connections, and you will see the answers, but in the most random way possible!  AND….. You follow them!! 

“What you think about you bring about.” And manifesting works! You just have to be open to it and have the right mindset. A few great books to check out are E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout and Gabrielle Bernstein The Universe Has Your Back. Both books go deeper into all of this that we are talking about..  

The universe is going to speak to you when you working on all of this.  You just have to work on the mindset part to remain open to the universe sending you messages.  And when you start messages from the universe, god, spirit whichever you prefer, over and over again you will see a pattern in the way the message appears to you.  For me, I see owls and cardinals. And they always show up when I am wrestling with something. When I lean towards one decision over the other, I will see one of these animals and I know I am going where I need to go.  For Jen, the universe speaks to her through books.  They seem to just “fall” into her lap when she is searching for something or a specific topic.  She will randomly find a book that is this exact topic!  This message comes to each person differently, you just have to be patient because sometimes it takes some time to see it appear to you! 

Now getting into that right mindset, working on yourself every day, every week, asking the universe questions, listening and responding can be done.  And it can be done by anyone IF YOU WORK ON IT!  But what happens if you are doing all of that work,  you are showing up and hustling, and tuned into yourself and doing these wonderful things, and there is still a missing piece…  Then you need to look at why you are not getting it, and you don’t have to be afraid to look to why this is happening or ask for that guidance. Is there something else I need”  How do I get quiet, and ask myself really great questions” I have gone and done the work and there is still something a little off, then maybe there is something medically off.  

Mindset can be so challenging because we live in such a fast-paced world.. Sometimes we may have a challenge with our attention.. You are always hyper and moving and grooving and doing things. And it is more than just the push of life, and you are almost always moving from one thing to the next… BUT… how do you know if you are possibly undiagnosed with ADHD or it is just LIFE’ 

Jen has turned her passions and focus on helping people create the right mindset while living with ADHD.  And if life is going too fast and you can’t focus, you have focus disorders, or possibly mental illness, then these strategies will not work.  You have to get into a treatment plan, then start the work and push yourself, then it will all click!  

But some things to look out for if you think you may be undiagnosed with ADHD or another focus disorder are: 

  • You are doing the practices and everything, but there are parts that you can’t do, which you know is the right way to go.   
  • You know exactly where you need to go, it is clear, but getting there is tough! 
  • You can’t quite figure out the path there, even though you have every single tool and have done the work.  

With ADHD and trying to make this work, it can be like you have a vision problem, but you are trying to navigate the world without any glasses on!  Once you put those glasses on (a treatment plan) then you will be able to get where you want to go and the tools will work! You need to be able to see when it comes to this…  So don’t be afraid to explore that route and reach for guidance. Is it a Mindset issue or possibly ADHD.. and if you need help reach out to me or Jenn and we can help you navigate the water through this!! 

But remember, It’s not always about what is going on with your body. Your Mindset is what is driving your body!  If you have questions magic makers, hit me up and let me know how this resonates with you!!!   

And of course, lastly. What makes Jenn magical….’ “Knowing that I can have a positive impact on other people’s lives and help them get unstuck.” 

Yes… yes.. And yes!!  


Links:  www.adhdandme.com . 

Jennifer Scott IG: https://www.instagram.com/jennscottwpg/ 



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