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Looking For Weight Loss Magic’

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The magical way to lose weight is taking consistent action.  My favorite quote is by Cher ~

If having a perfect body was easy everyone would have one.

To have your perfect body, you will need to take consistent action. Taking consistent action requires the following.

  • Change your eating habits
    • remove sugary drinks — sorry ladies, those sweet coffee drinks sure look and taste great but they can pack on the pounds.
    • reduce the processed foods — I get this all the time question all the time, what exactly are processed foods’ These are foods that are altered from their original state. For example apple — not processed, apple sauce — minimally processed, apple juice — completely processed
    • tracking changes — most people experience changes when they write down their activities as well as their food intake. This helps to hold yourself accountable to what you are eating and drinking.
    • get moving — Ideally everyone should be getting 30-40 minutes of exercise each week, but I understand that sometimes that isn’t possible.  If you can give me just 10 minutes a day, you need to move.

One of the upsides of taking consistent action, beside weight loss is increased energy. When you clean the junk out of your diet and get moving, you’ll begin to feel SO energetic.  At this point, I know its hard to imagine the runner’s high that people talk about, but its exactly what happens when you start working out.  Trust me on this one.

We all don’t go to the gym skipping with a smile on our face, yes even me,  but it’s the mood lift that I get after my workout that keeps me going. Plus being able to fit into my skinny jeans is another motivator.

What is it going to take to get you to take consistent action’ Did you know that it takes 21 days to create a habit, I would love to hear what you are doing to take ACTION!


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