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Weight Loss Secrets

So many people ask, how do you do it’ Here are a few easy weight loss tips. I TRACK EVERYTHING, I have been writing down my food and my workouts for years. Some may say really or I just don’t have the time. My response is how will you know what is going on when you don’t lose weight or you’re not increasing your weight in regular increments.  What is your track record’ I look at this as my fitness bank account. I wouldn’t just write checks without keeping track of the checks I wrote, and some how you have time to write that down. Think of this in the same way.

Now you don’t need anything fancy to track your workouts, I just use a plain notebook that I purchased a Staples. As you can see I just write down my exercises, the date and weight I lifted. I also track my cardio as far as time and mileage if I were running.

As for food, everything that goes in my mouth I write down.  I use myfitnesspal. It has most of the foods that I eat, I’m able to customize it to the exact amounts that I eat in a given meal. If the food doesn’t appear, I can construct it or go out to Calorie King and look up the food. Worse case scenario I will cut out the nutrition label on the food and manually add it to Fitday. If you are an iPhone user, there are a few products that are getting alot of buzz. Check out this NY Times article, Losing Weight the Smartphone Way, With A Nutritionist In Your Pocket.

So the secret to weight loss is OWNING what you put in your mouth and being accountable. Trust me when you start writing it down you will be surprised at how much or little you eat in a given day. You’ll also become a bit of a food snob. You’ll start to look at food and ask is it worth the caloric intake.

If you have any other weight loss tips, just let me know below.


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  1. Exactly. It doesn’t take a lot of work and when your track your progress and hit a roadblock you can look back and see you need to make some changes, but also you can celebrate your success when you hit personal bests. Thanks for the comments

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