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What Can You Stop Doing’

This week, I had an opportunity to see Suzy Welch speak. She opened her speech by saying that she can’t do it all. I repeat she said she can’t do it all and she doesn’t even try. Instead she picks what’s important and moves on. What a freeing way to live.  So, if you can’t get to it, you don’t dwell on what you didn’t do’ AMAZING. That statement felt like the glowing box in Pulp Fiction.  Since that day I’ve been really thinking about what she said and then yesterday I read a great post from Lululemon about what are you going to stop doing.  It stopped me in my tracks, because as women we are always trying to figure our how we can do more!! You know we have 24 hours in 1 day and how I am ongoing to do a million and one things to make everyone happy as well as achieving my own goals.

So now I thinking, I don’t have to it all, so what am I going to stop doing!!!

  1. Stop being afraid. Yes, I know I me, afraid, but I am! I have been procrastinating on taking this test because I am afraid I will fail. Guess what if I fail I can take it again. So stop talking take ACTION!
  2. Stop spending more than 30 minutes on Twitter and Facebook. I love you all, but I need to get focused on taking my test and growing my business
  3. Stop purchasing things and not using them. Now this is going to be tough! I have purchased so many things that still have the tags on them or books that I haven’t even cracked the spine.
  4. Stop wanting everything to be perfect. If I doing something just okay. That ‘s fine. At least I’m taking steps.
  5. Stop feeling like I always have to do something. Say what…It’s a rare day that I can just sit and relax, so take more time to sit and relax. I think about my grandmother, she is 88 years old and I don’t think I’ve seen her sit down for more than 10 minutes at a time. So I don’t want to look back in 48 years and say that I haven’t sat down!
  6. Stop multitasking!! That’s right I’m a professional multitasker, if I’m not doing 5 things with my hair on fire I feel like I’m standing still. Moving forward I will set an old fashion kitchen timer and work on 1 thing at for 30 minutes before I move on to the next activity.

So tell me what are you going to stop doing’


4 thoughts on “What Can You Stop Doing’”

  1. Adam @ turnupmyworkout.com

    Funny that you write this post because I couldn’t agree more. I am a man, so I don’t know if that clouds my perspective (probably ;)) but I have a stop doing list too, but it’s something that I slowly chip away at. I find that whether you are trying to start doing something or stop doing something it is best to take baby steps to reach that goal. So maybe break down the list into priorities and work on the highest priorities one at a time.

    Just a thought.

    Great post!!

    – Adam @ http://www.turnupmyworkout.com

  2. I am studying for my Wellcoach certification. I have scheduled it for January 24th! It gives me 2 months to study my buns off!

    Now if I could invent a system for not being perfect. I so…. would be a millionare.

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