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What task or goal are you avoiding’

I have been avoiding finishing up my wellness coach certification. I took the 13 week class last j0174882November and have exactly 1 year to:

  • take a written exam
  • complete a oral exam
  • chronicle 3 clients

Well here we are at almost August and I am no closer to the certification than I was last November. I continually ask myself, why haven’t taken any steps to complete this exam’ Am I afraid of succeeding, is it because their really isn’t hard goal.  I know that I am not a good test taker so am I psyching myself out by thinking that I stink at test so why rush to take the test. So I am setting a hard goal for myself.

I will take my written exam on or before 11/1.

I will take my oral exam on or before 12/1.

I will have completed 3 practice clients on or before 2/1.


2 thoughts on “What task or goal are you avoiding’”

  1. I just came across your site yesterday and saw this post. I took this course and completed my exams in February this year. I was very nervous and actually took the exams when I was 7 months pregnant…talk about stress!! You’ll do great 🙂

  2. Wow… 7 months pregnant!!! Yes that would be stressful!! Thank you for the works of encouragement. I just finished re-reading all the chapters I’m giving myself the until the end of November to take the written.

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