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Changing Your Mindset Can Help You Easily Lose Weight

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Are you someone who thinks that you have a great mindset, or you know it is an area that you need to improve on? But where do we start?  It can be tough because some of us don’t even know what mindset means or how to work on it.  You want to accomplish all of your goals, but you just don’t feel like you are ready when it comes to your mindset.   


On this Fit Girl Magic podcast, I’m having my very FIRST GENTLEMAN I thought he was just perfect because he works strictly with women!  So, he fits right into our Fit Girl Magic world!!  Who is Matt Travis? Matt Travis is a Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist and Healthy Habits Coach. He helps women & moms transform their self-confidence/love by shifting their subconscious mindset and health habits, to create sustainable results they can keep long term. 
Matt works heavily in the subconscious mind with his clients. People will go to him with what they want.  And say it is to lose (release) weight, he helps to shift their subconscious thinking of losing weight.  Losing isn’t always good. So, he likes to phrase it as “releasing the weight”!   This helps their subconscious identity and habits align with their goals. The biggest problem in our industry is to get results and not keep them, that is the biggest issue in our industry.  How do we develop subconscious habits and work to have the subconscious identify and align with them so that they become sustainable long term?  
One of the things Matt starts with all clients is getting clear..  And the best way to achieve clarity for anything in life is asking the right questions!  Because a good quality question can pull out the right answer.  This makes them think and formulate what they want, or what they want to say when answering your questions.  It helps them to get specific and get clear on what this looks like, what this feels like?  And what does life look like when you get to it?   
Then, how does he get into their subconscious?  How does he break through their armor they’ve told themselves for decades? And this is with 2 ways, consciously with Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to break through their subconscious belief, then asking questions with this.  And second, Rapid Transformation Therapy – Hypnotherapy.  When he added this into how he works with people, it changed everything. The question he was always asking was “How do you get results, sustain them and keep them forever???”  
This then takes them deeper into the meaning around why we do what we do.  What are the meaning and rules around why you do things? Take moms for example, they forget that when they care for themselves first, that it creates a ripple effect for the child.  But there is an emotional need that is met when they are of service to their kids, significant others.  They get a need met by doing that. Unfortunately, sometimes it puts them on the back burner.  So, the number 1 hypnotherapy session he does is around “enough-ness”. 
Which then falls into 2 categories.  
Enough-ness from the Self Worth. Enough-ness from Capability.   
We have to move our attention. You are where your attention is.  You can’t want what you are not thinking about.  If you are not thinking about the thing then you can’t want it.  

So, we have to move their attention and shift their focus.  He does this by having them stick with 2-3 habits at a time.  Because it ALWAYS comes back to sustainability.  If we can sustain 2 new big things a month, then you’re going to have a massive shift that is going to last a lifetime.  When we try to do more than that, it gets really tricky and really hard to sustain.  
What are ways you work with your clients to pull them back and talk them into what resistance is and why slow is the new fast? 
Resistance comes in a couple different forms. Physical resistance, injury, lack of preparation and resistance from our stories.  The best way to remove resistance is to figure out how you are sold by the stories your mind tells you.  But the biggest resistance to making a change is by not making a decision.  This is the most common among his clients. So, get clear as well as what you are doing.  
Some say their brain doesn’t do things or is not organized.  “My brain doesn’t do that; I am not organized like that.”  It’s just that you don’t do that YET.  Your mind isn’t there YET.   It’s not necessarily that you can’t get there and develop that subconscious habit, it’s just not there YET!   
Let’s dive more deeply into NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming ).  So, what is it anyways?  Let’s take the example of setting a goal for the New Year. Some will set a goal and they have an environment they are trying to create.  Next piece of the puzzle is the behavior.  “What do I need to do?”  After this some people get to the next level, which is thinking about skills and what they need help with to achieve this behavior and environment goal.  These skills could be food prep, quality movement, or sleeping could be a skill. And once they have done this.. It usually stops after this.  
Matt works with them to start thinking 4 layers deeper.    
The first level involves Stories.  What are the stories I need to have in order to achieve this goal? A story might be, “I am unstoppable, and I am able to prepare my food each and every day.”  I enjoy eating healthy is a story..  What does your mind tell you every day? That is the story. You are not your thoughts; you are the thinker of your thoughts!!!  Changing those stories is so you can start telling yourself different things to get better results! 
Next is values and the values that someone has.  “I value my health.”  If you don’t know what you value, it is hard to figure out where we spend our time.  How do you change your values?  And you do this by just deciding to value something more.  You just decide to value something more. It’s like putting your oxygen mask on first, kind of thing.  And when you shift your values, new stories come up! 
Then we have Belief.  At a core level, what do you believe?  Do you believe?? (this is where it gets real) There are many people out there that believe no matter what they do they will always go back to where they were from a weight perspective.  This can be the subconscious belief or conscious belief. You don’t need to believe it at the very beginning. This is actually something that can build as you change your stories and change your values. Motivation actually happens after you get started if you didn’t notice in your own personal experiences.  A lot of people think they have to be motivated to get started, but as you get moving you create habits and the #1 habit Matt teaches people is DO IT ANYWAYS HABIT!   This is a massive game changer!  
And last is our Habits.  Habits are so tied to beliefs.   If you don’t believe that you will be successful and get healthy and lose weight. Then you probably won’t.  If you don’t believe you can achieve the goal, it’s already over. End game!!  When this happens, you won’t create those habits you need to move forward.  
“We don’t get what we want, we get our habits”.  It’s about your habits and creating these little, small micro habits that will lead to bigger ones! 
The last part of Logical levels and NLP is IDENTITY.  This is everything, how you’re being.  And most people try to do everything but at a deeper level how are you being.. 
Are you being committed? 
Are you being responsible? 
Are you being self-integral? 
Are you being ready? 
Are you being willing? 
Are you being invested? 
What are the ways right now you are being that are necessarily serving you!!?? Think about integrity.  If we are not keeping promises to ourselves. How can you change that? 

Being 100% responsible, being committed and being self-integral and when you shift those 3 it creates a complete ripple effect of your overall health and wellbeing. 
The only thing not on the logical levels that Matt does that really helps people is just examining what your lowest standards are.  We have standards in every area of our lives, our relationship, and our jobs.  But we also have lowest standards in what we will put into our body.   
It is really paying attention to what is your lowest standard? Is your lowest standard screwing you over? Because when you get your lowest standard to this point, and you get it to a point in which it allows you to maintain and sustain, or improve?  
So… pay attention.. What do you allow in your life???  Do I allow people to treat me a certain way or allow my own thoughts to talk shit to me.??  Don’t allow this to happen, don’t allow outside influences to change what you do or what you want to do.  It all starts WITHIN YOU!  
And this.. THIS  is all mindset!! 

What makes you feel magical??  
What makes me feel magical is 2 parts. 
My ability to connect with women, I feel like being a male that can connect and NOT KNOW what they are going through, because I will never know, but I understand on many different levels, and I can relate and I can really align and be there to support. 
I do it in a subconscious way. I can actually go in and do hypnotherapy that allows people to get free like that. Let 20-30-40 years of stuff you have been holding on, gone.  
Blows my mind! But it just started to make me realize that I have another tool in my tool belt to create magical results for people and give them what they truly want.  
Feel blessed to be able to work with so many amazing women in my program and communities and I just love my life, and this is what I am on the planet for.  My Dharma and such grateful people let me do this every day.  
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