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what every women over 40 needs to know to break up with food rules

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In the latest episode of Fit Girl Magic, it’s all about how to break up with the traditional dieting mindset and find a more sustainable and enjoyable way to be healthy. I challenge the perpetual ‘on’ mode of dieting, introducing the concept of maintenance as an essential phase in our long-term health journey. 


In this episode I talk about how to structure you nutrition similarly to the world of the NBA. I draw parallels between structured and unstructured seasons and the idea of scheduling phases of dieting efforts. I emphasize the importance of strategic breaks to recharge mental stamina and maintain enthusiasm for a fit lifestyle.

The episode delves deep into treating our body’s adjustments like a delicate thermometer, advocating for gradual changes rather than quick fixes. I share my own journey, planning an 8 to 12-week fat loss phase followed by 20 weeks of maintenance. This commitment echoes the central message of the podcast: achieving fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.

Addressing Binge-Restrict Cycles and Food Fears

I talk about the common binge-restrict cycles and food fears many individuals face. I can’t stress enough about the value of consistency over time, challenging the damaging effects of extreme diets. The discussion offers practical advice for listeners wrestling with these issues.

While maintenance may seem daunting, I highlight its unique rewards. I share my personal transformation from an obsessive diet mindset to one that embraces maintenance with joy. The podcast empowers listeners to find a balance that allows for indulgence without guilt, promoting a healthier relationship with food.

I passionately emphasize the importance of savoring the fitness journey, including giving oneself the grace to live fully while prioritizing health. Joining the Fit Girl Magic Facebook group means becoming part of a supportive community that views health as a holistic and enjoyable pursuit.

A significant portion of the episode is dedicated to mastering our dietary choices. I advise against falling for dietary trends and encourage learning to master the fundamentals to better understand your individual nutritional need. My guidance, rooted in personal experience, is aimed at those seeking to break free from fad diets in favor of a lifestyle-friendly approach.

I compare dieting success to winning the lottery, highlighting the empty victory of reaching a goal weight without knowing how to maintain it. I candidly urge listeners to commit to mastering the art of maintenance to avoid the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

I challenge listeners to learn how to cycle diet and maintenance, encouraging you to experiment with their health routines. It’s about cultivating patience, embracing grace, and recognizing the detrimental effects of relentless dieting. The Fit Girl Magic podcast is not just about reaching your ideal weight; it’s about redefining your life by understanding the essence of maintenance and loving the process every step of the way. Join the Fit Girl Magic community today! Fit Girl Magic podcast episode as I work to help shift the focus towards true health and hoping to help you discover joy in your fitness journey. It’s time to break free from the dieting carousel and step onto a path of lasting well-being.

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