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Client Testimonial| Are You Done Feeling Like You Should?

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I am bringing you another amazing client story!  One from someone who I have had the pleasure of knowing for a while, but just started working together officially in the last year! I have enjoyed working with her so much and I know you are going to just take in all that she has to say from her time working with a coach and her experience in the military! What should you be doing on your health journey? Should you get a coach? Should you do this or that? There are so many things to consider when it comes to accomplishing your goals and what you want for your health, you just don’t know where you SHOULD get started! Let’s figure that out together!


Cassy has been active duty in the United States Navy, serving our country for 18 years! And when you are in the military, you have to be fit and in height and weight standards, meaning every 6ish months you are “weighed in”.  As a woman in the military, it is challenging! There aren’t really any good resources out there to guide you in the right direction and all of a sudden you have a weigh-in and you are 5-10 pounds over your max. This puts a ton of stress on you and it just wasn’t good for our bodies, hormones, stress levels, and the list goes on and on.

“I spent a long time in that position where I just didn’t know what to eat and fuel my body to match my fitness routines and my fitness goals.” That is how Cassy started working with Kathy Savage and myself.  She wanted to fuel her body the right way, get back to running and not stress out twice a year to “make weight”.

But guess what?  In the last year, she has been able to turn her mindset around and made a lot of progress where she wanted to!  Cassy had to start to put herself first, her needs first, and try new things!  Even if it meant just a 15-minute walk on a given day. Some days you have to think about yourself in a different way where you actually stop and think about yourself.  Stop thinking about not doing enough… That mindset doesn’t serve you!  Because what you do is you end up burning out!

In our mind, we get caught up in how it SHOULD look and there are 2 directions you can go.  1) If I cannot get that 2-hour workout in, then I might as well not go.  2) Or I go, and I push my body to do what it’s not ready to do at that moment. A great mindset shift is just saying, “Wow, Monday isn’t a good day for me, but it’s only Monday, and here are the other days I KNOW I can go to the gym instead.”

Like… my Red, Yellow & Green days. This is a prime example of this.
“I started to incorporate your red, yellow, and green days and it really puts things into perspective.  This helped me out a lot because it removed that extra unnecessary stress of not doing a 2-hour workout or that extra sheet!” (You can listen to this episode where I talked all about this in the links below the blog!)

● Red Day: I just am not feeling it, mentally or physically your body is saying nope.. Or you are injured or sick.
● Yellow day: You feel a little better.  You know you won’t crush it but can do something for your body.
● Green day: You are just feeling it. Ready to rumble and get after this!!

It’s so important to have a positive attitude, and positive mindset, and 9 times out of 10 you are going to do more than you think you can!  We all want to leap tall buildings in a single bound… But it’s a step-by-step process.  Acknowledge that you made a conscious choice, a good decision, and build on that next time. We have to acknowledge that.  We base everything on results, and we want instantaneous results.  Those are results, that you made small decisions that you wouldn’t normally make otherwise! Remember that one small step is better than no steps at all!

“As human beings, we want to succeed but as soon as something gets uncomfortable or doesn’t feel right, we back off instead of trying to push through it. I always tell people that fitness concepts are extrapolated to so many different areas of our lives. When I started goal setting in fitness, it taught me that I can goal set them in other areas of my life and I could make the goals!  It’s incredible what you can do when you just change or shift your mind to think of things in a different way, instead of thinking like this is the way and it will never change.”

Diet culture teaches us to get very linear.  If we do these 3 things, we will get this as the end result.  But it’s not that easy.  Everyone has a different physiological response and diet history! We are not a square and do not fit in a cute box.  No one person is the same and no one person will have the same results.

What are some of the results you have seen by working with me?
Mindset a lot! That is a huge one. Having a strong mind and a good solid foundation is a springboard to everything else!  I made progress on the weight goals and headed in that direction and continued to go that way.  The knowledge you give to us and the tools and resources regarding nutrition and sleep were paramount.  You are so invested in each individual person that you are not treating people as if they are the same as everyone else.  It’s very individualized!

It is nice to work with someone like that because I want to be treated like an individual because that is who I am.  And you don’t always get that with every coach.  I don’t want my protocol to be the same as someone else’s because we are not made out of a cookie cutter mold.

I also love getting the fresh ideas from the normal everyday cooking with the recipe packs and it’s not a specific meal plan!  There are so many different things to make and eat and it doesn’t get boring!  It helps me out tremendously to have more ideas!

The tools and little nuggets of information you give us is something we cannot get everywhere or from anyone.  You have years of experience working with so many women, it’s really nice to work with someone with your wealth of knowledge.  I love everything you give us… If I ever need customization of something you are there, you are the person!  You really do care about the people, it’s not just about numbers and how successful your clients are, you just want them to feel good in their bodies and enjoy life!

Would you say to anyone listening that I would be a great coach to have?
Of course!  If you are feeling lost and looking for someone where you can get direction and guidance, then Kim is the coach for you.


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