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What’s The Best Workout Plan For Women Over 40

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Most women believe that there is a magical plan out there, that if they just found it, it would be the holy grail and their weight loss problems would be solved.

“The plan” would provide discipline and commitment.

Don’t know who needs to hear this, but this is simply not true. I get it. I kept looking for that damn plan too…

But if all you needed was a plan, wouldn’t the umpteen plans you followed before wouldn’t they have worked? Do you know anyone who has found this “magic” plan? Do they actually get and keep their weight loss goals? No, and this could be the very reason why you aren’t losing the weight and you find yourself repeating the same mistakes. So if it’s not “a plan” what should you do.

The industry keeps you trapped telling you that in order to hit your goals you need
A 2 hour workout
Taking no rest days
Buy a peloton
No cheat meals
Working body part splits

What you really need is to figure out your goals and create a plan that helps you hit your goals. Have you fully considered that according to the ACSM, you only need at least 150 minutes/week of exercise and at least 2 of those days should include strength training. Yes, here is your permission slip to stop “crushing it every damn day” Working out shouldn’t be a punishment. Working out shouldn’t feel like a job.

I was done with stops and starts and wanted to find a workout that just made me feel good vs feeling beat up. That is when I discovered Metabolic Conditioning it brought back my joy. It had lifting weights which I loved combined with cardio with what I could take or leave. Most importantly it got me back in the gym, my happy place, I was moving my body and it felt good versus making sure I burned at least 400 calories, an amount of calories I made up years ago to make me feel like I had a good workout..

How much longer you can stick to your current workout schedule. I don’t know about you but they drained the life out of me. So let me ask you. Imagine no longer spinning your wheels doing 2x a day workouts, spending hours on your Peloton doing #hardcore on the floor, or all those random Instagram workouts and still not losing those last 5-10 pounds?

The choice is yours, you can continue wasting your valuable time on tedious and boring workouts or you could find a short effective workout that helps you lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass while boosting your metabolism.

Give this workout a try
This one you’ll need a stopwatch for this one. For 5 continuous minutes you will do the following:
30 squat thrusts
20 goblet reverse lunges (total)
10 pushups
Keep moving until you hit 5 minutes. You need to take a break, please do so for no more than 1 minute.

Are you interested in learning more about this style of workouts? Join me for the the 7 Days To Recharge Your Metabolism. 

Right now you have a choice. You can continue working hard with little to nothing to show for it. Actually that’s what most women will choose to do out of fear of the unknown. Or you could be that person who wants to find joy at the gym again, looks forward to your workouts, just feel good in their body again and finally sees the success you have been looking for with less time and effort.


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