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Who Else Wants To Be Consistent With Their Health’

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Are you just starting your health and wellness journey and worried about staying consistent’ I have 4 amazing ladies that are here to give you their own personal advice as to what you should focus on to stay consistent and stay in the game with your wellness journey and your health and fitness goals!


Lindsay Saenz

One piece of advice I would give to someone continuing their health journey about how to stay consistent. Would be to focus on the daily action steps. I know that it’s really easy to try to do all the things instead of the end goal and really hone in on the healthy habits you can do day in and day out. This will help you keep the momentum going for you!

Leslie Logan

First of all, the fact that you’re even wanting to hear this advice means that this is something you really, really want. If that is something you want, I want you to celebrate any time you think about being consistent, because our brain really does pay attention to the way we react to things! Do you get stressed out because you’re not being consistent, just know that your brain is not going to look for ways for you to get consistent. Make sure you are celebrating any win!

Here is what I want you to do!!

I believe that what is scheduled is what happens. So, I want you to grab your calendar and plug in a date with yourself where these goals happen. Whether it is planning your shopping to get the healthy foods that you’re wanting to put on your plate, or it is when you’re getting in your workouts, I want it in your schedule! Because what is scheduled is what will happen. And if life happens and you miss a date with yourself, first of all, there’s always something called rescheduling. But second, I don’t want to get mad at yourself going back to what I said above, our brain pays attention.

Don’t miss a date with yourself, if you miss an opportunity to do something that’s consistent with your health and fitness goals, you cannot get upset. You have to just take a moment, strategize how you won’t let that happen again, and then celebrate yourself for thinking about that thing. Because your brain is paying attention to how you react to your health and fitness goals. And if you’re stressed out about them, it’s not going to look for ways to be consistent if you look for ways to not be consistent. Celebrate even the fact that you’ve thought about doing it and that’s going to help you be more consistent toward those health and fitness goals.

Just take time to schedule dates with these goals. And then celebrate anytime you think about doing that for when you do them. You’re going to get that easy win and it’s going to make it easier to add more and more things in the future and stay consistent with those as well!!!

Laura Cavallo

For me, this is a two-part piece of advice. #1 is to start small. Many people who are either starting or having trouble sticking to a routine, get so overwhelmed because they think that their workouts have to be an hour and a half and that they have to cook three square meals that have super healthy, delicious food. And the reality is, is that when we go from one extreme to the next, the next is often very hard to stay consistent. So, I find with my clients that just starting with one small habit, one small change, whether it’s drinking one or two glasses more of water per day, going for a 20-minute walk, or just meal prepping one thing on Sunday for the week, gets them into that routine of success with small habits. Just doing something every day, even if it’s just something small.

#2 is not to rely solely on motivation as a way to stay consistent. The reality is that even for fitness coaches, wellness professionals, even athletes, we aren’t always going to feel motivated to exercise. And that is just the reality. So, the more that we can normalize not being motivated to exercise or eat healthy all the time, I think will help to release that shame and that guilt of always needing to be on top of it and always feeling like we need to be the best or be perfect.

As women, I find that my clients tend to carry a lot of shame and judgment and guilt around being perfect or not being perfect or not doing something all the time when in reality, we’re human beings and life happens, and things happen. So, the more that we can stop relying on motivation itself and focus more on just doing something small every day, the more wins we’re going to get under our belt, the more joy, and excitement and the more accomplishment we’re going to feel in the smaller habits.

Then, after time as you build up smaller habits, you can start increasing how many of those habits you do, or the length of those habits, the length of those workouts, or even the complexity of those nutrition habits that you might implement. Then you can get rid of that shame, that guilt, that judgment and know that we’re only human and that if we fall off the horse just to get back up and keep trying. I think we’re going to find a lot more success with those habits if we can keep those two things in mind!!

Ashley Fillmore

I absolutely love this question.!!! Because oftentimes, when you’re getting started on your health and fitness journey, you feel so overwhelmed with trying to do all the things. Either you’re trying to eat perfectly workout every single day, hit your water goal, get all your sleep in, and it can be a bit overwhelming.

The secret to sustaining your body composition change, and improving your health is making sure you’re going at your own pace. I like to set many goals with my clients, and we generally will focus on one to three dial movers for them. That will allow them to not feel so overwhelmed, get burnt out on trying to do too much too soon. And it allows you to really measure progress.

Just getting started, I suggest that you focus on one to three dial movers. Ok what are some dial movers” Here are some examples I give my clients.

  • Eating a whole protein at every single meal.
  • Making sure they move every day, anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Or if you have a little more time, great.
  • Making sure you’re eating your vegetables.
  • Making sure you’re getting in some walking.
  • Making sure that you are food journaling.

Everybody has their own unique goals. But really focus on 1-3 of those things, and that will help you move the dial in the right direction without feeling overwhelmed.

Always remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. Sustainable change happens over time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have that instant gratification. But if you keep with it, show up consistently and trust the process, you are going to see amazing results.

Ask yourself today, what are 1-3 things you could start doing today that are going to push you in the right direction.” Pick things that you know are going to work for you and tackle those harder barriers down the road after you build up some momentum and confidence!!!


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