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What The Heck Are Essential Oils

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I am sure that somewhere in social media land you have either stumbled upon essential oils on your news feed, possibly a friend or family member has given you some to try at some point in time, OR you are an essential user like the most recent guest on my Fit Girl Magic Podcast, Amie Pederson, and have a massive stash in your home and incorporate them into almost every part of your day!  One way or another you have come across these bottles of magic!  Some people are skeptical about them, and others believe in them 100% and have had some truly amazing personal experiences with them.  There is so much more to essential oils than just rubbing them on our feet and putting lemon essential oil in your water and I am so lucky that I have Amie to give us all the info! 


Amie Pederson is the Business Mentor & Confidence Coach for the new and emerging purpose-driven Female Entrepreneur. She knew in her soul that Mom’s were “meant for more than wiping boogers and folding laundry”.   She has added the magic of essential oils to her entire lifestyle (and her families) and to her business. She is a Certified Essential Oils Coach, Certified Aromatherapist, and Certified Clinical Nutritionist and has been able to bring this knowledge and passion of essential oils into her coaching business to help serve more women!

I asked Amie to come on because I wanted her here to talk to us about essential oils and all the ways we can use them! There is so much more to them, and she is going to take us a little deeper into them. How do we really use them beyond what we are seeing all over socials’  Can we really incorporate them into our everyday lives to better ourselves and our family’s health and lives’ There are SOOO many different ways to use essential oils, so many that we weren’t even able to touch base on all of them today, but we were able to talk about enough to help you get started on your own personal journey with essential oils and their benefits.

Essential oils have been around and used therapeutically for over 5000 years!  They were used in Ancient Egypt and King Tut was found buried with them. They are referenced in the Bible over 360 times and were used in Ancient Chinese medicine. In Amie’s opinion, she sees essential oils as a form of ancient medicine.  She wonders with this immense history, why is it so hard for SO many people to wrap their heads around oils and their ability to help us’  Little do they know that there are so many things that we do today because of oils, and because of these plant uses that have been around for centuries.  Take peppermint for example.  That oil was used after meals to help calm an upset stomach.  And now, we are given a little peppermint candy after our meals when we go out to dinner. 😲

As some of you may have noticed, in the last 3-4 years essential oils have totally blown up and are virtually everywhere.  Almost every store carries them, and they are very easy to get your hands.  [BUT you still need to be aware and careful as to where you get your oils from, more into that later…]  It is one of the fastest-growing industries because people WANT to take their health back into their hands.  They have become more conscious about what is going into and on their bodies and are becoming more educated than ever about ways to better our lives and how we can keep harmful chemicals out of ours and our family’s bodies.

We are coming away from being totally reliant on big pharmaceutical, doing less of running ourselves or our kids to the doctors with every little fever or sneeze, and we are starting to turn towards alternative ways that are better for us.  People are starting to share the “magic” of essential oils, even if some people think it is weird witchy voodoo, which it totally isn’t!! There is scientific proof that oils work and you can have actual results from them!  It is just about conducting your own research and seeing the results for yourselves.

Amie is extremely educated in oils, not just from becoming a Certified Aromatherapist, but because of her conducting her own research on medical and scientific documentation as well as her own personal experiences with essential oils. When she gets a zit on her face, melaleuca, or tea tree which is one and the same and gets rid of all of those bad creatures on your skin!  Rosemary helps her hair to grow. She uses blends for when they are sick, or if they have upset stomachs, sore muscles, headaches, pretty much anything you think of, there is an oil for that!  And these are only a FEW examples!!

Amie also ingests oils, which there is some controversy around this.  This is where you have to be careful and do your research as to where you get your essential oils.  Only ingest oils which you know the ingredients are completely pure and there are no fillers and additives into them.  A lot of companies do this which make it unsafe to ingest, so just again, make sure this company is safe and you need to do your due diligence to check the purity of these oils.

Something that Amie learned when I was becoming a Certified Essential Oils Coach and from her certificate from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, is that you can say that you have pure oil, and under “standards”, the oil only has to be 25% pure, it can be cut with anything else. So those pure oils, their adulterated so the manufacturer, and the person putting their actual label on that oil, may not even know what is completely in it. Oils are like other products we buy.  We can look at the packaging, but what we want to do is look under the hood as to what is really in the oils you are buying and using.

[Some oils are not meant to go into your mouth or body, like Wintergreen.  So DO YOUR RESEARCH!  And take safety protocols when using your oils are well.  Don’t ever put them directly into your eyes and you don’t put them in your nose or anything like that. Also, be sure to read the ingredients and directions before using as well!]

What most people don’t know is most pharma drugs are suppressing the symptoms of ailments and sickness we get. It doesn’t cure it, it suppresses it. But oils like cinnamon, clove, etc. are used to GET RID of the cough, not to just cover it up!  Oils cross into the cells and use those oils to put the cells to work to get better.  That’s why they are so effective, whether you breathe them in, rub them on parts of your body, diffuse them or take them orally.

The Essential Oil Leaders and Rockstar’s….
These are oils that everyone should have in their home.  There are multiple uses for every single one of them from cleaning your home, to helping with bee stings and bug bites, to helping with an upset stomach and aiding in sleep, as well as helping with allergies!  These are ones to grab first when starting your stash!

  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Tea Tree/Melaleuca

The Backup Dancers….
Here are a few that don’t get as much spotlight but have amazing benefits and are really amazing!  There are so many to choose from, but these are just a few.

  • Frankincense is the KING of essential oils because it does so many things. It helps with pain, inflammation, it is AMAZING to add to into your skincare regime for fine lines and wrinkles or melasma. It is a gorgeous oil to use during meditation or in your yoga practice.  It is truly THE OIL!
  • Rose is the QUEEN of oils! If you find a bottle of rose for $15, DON’T BUY IT! It should cost a few $100 if it is completely pure!!! Rose has one of the HIGHEST frequency oils, resonating at 320 MHz, and it is a total feel-good oil!
  • Magnolia is one of Amie’s all-time favorite oils. It smells sooo good and has 3x the calming components than in Lavender! It can be hard to find in pure Magnolia oil, so Amie uses it in a roller blende because it’s considered a precious oil.

Many oils come in Singles like Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, etc.

But you can also purchase them in Blends that can be used to diffuse or roll onto your bodies to get the benefits of multiple oils at once vs. dropping a bunch of different ones onto you or into your diffuser.  Some of these are called Elevation, which is a Joy blend, On Guard which is one that helps support healthy immune functions, Serenity blend that helps you calm down and sleep and rest, or Motivational blend that has citrus and is uplifting!

A lot of people also get scared with the potency of oils and kids, and there are predicted blends FOR KIDS, that are diluted specifically for your children. And what is so great is kids can do it themselves and rub it on them and get into the routine to applying these oils when they feel they need them!  Another thing, a lot of people don’t realize is that some of these can be used on animals. Amie’s horse was sick with colic and this can kill a horse. She gave her a digestive blend in her mouth, and she attributes that knowledge and having those oils like a digestive blend that she uses on herself and her family on hand to save her horse’s life essentially!

So, to wrap this up, I really wanted to have this conversation because like myself, so many of us are interested and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle!! There are so many ways to do so, and I think Essential Oils are something to considered aiding in the journey to a healthier mind and body.  As a society, we are always taking medicine for SOMETHING!  But maybe there is a way that we can become more primitive and take our health and our families health back into our own hands…

We spend maybe 10-15 min with our doctors when we see them, we talk to them about our concerns and they are ridiculously fast at wiping out their prescription pad and getting you a prescription for that.   What can we do to change that” Can you change that by finding an OIL FOR THAT, or perhaps a lifestyle change that can help prevent you from needing that prescription’

Basically, this whole conversation is about, how do you become more mindful’ How to take more natural care for yourself’ How can we be better about what we put on and in ours and our family’s bodies’  KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN!! You never know what possibly this could help you with.

** When embarking on this journey of a healthier lifestyle and alternatives medicine, be mindful that each person has their own unique body chemistry.  Lavender, for example, may help someone else sleep, but it also may not help you. And this is how modern medicine is, as well as essential oils.  It is about trial and error to see what works best for you. So, if Lavender doesn’t work, try something like Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, or Magnolia!  But please feel free to reach out to me for Amie for more information on how to get started making these changes today.

What is one thing that makes you feel magical’

“Obviously the oils make me feel magical, but just leading with that place in my heart, being heart-led, keeps my frequency high, keeps everything in integrity, and it keeps me feeling unstoppable!” -Amie Pederson






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