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What To Do When Your Diet Stops Working

This Fit Girl Magic podcast is for you if you feel like you have been out there hustling and grinding and chasing to get weight loss!  If you feel like your weight loss is stuck and you are not getting anywhere that you want… Then LISTEN UP! Not sure who needs to hear this but weight loss is NOT LINEAR! We have been sold the bill of goods that we should be losing 1-2 pounds a week and if you are not then you suck. But this is NOT the case, because if you are losing 1-2 pounds a week, you have never dieted before.  And if you have been dieting since 15, your body is going to GIVE YOU THE  FINGER! 

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You have to come to grips that weight loss isn’t going to happen the way we want; it is not a storybook and it’s not a Hallmark movie that we know exactly the outcome. That is not how weight loss works.  The sooner you come to grips with that, you will no longer be frustrated. But please remember this… You are not a failure!  You are just doing things that are not working.  Unfortunately… We as humans keep doing the same things and expect more.  But in order for you to see a change, you have to make a change.  
First things first… You need to be clear about where you are going but be FLUID in our approach.  Things won’t always look the exact way because our bodies are always evolving! Our bodies are dynamic and evolving, it adapts to what you give it. So, you are going to have to work through a process to see what is actuallyyyy going on!  
Then you are going to need to assess.  When someone tells me it is not working, my first question is how do you know? How do you assess that it is not working for you? So, what you have to do is sit down and assess what is working, and what is not working. How are you measuring your success? Are you open to change? Are you willing to do that?  
If you are a person that says I am done spinning my wheels and feeling like crap because I don’t eat enough, or don’t know how to stop going to the gym for 2 hours…   I am here for all of it because I am on the other side of it.  But when it’s said and done, you need to be open to the change. I can give you so many things, but if you are not open to doing it, why ask for help?  It is about working smarter, not harder.  I have been in your shoes, and I had to learn to be flexible in my approach. I had to change.  
To get to the other side, you have to understand what is going on and decide what we want to explore. 
Explore what the next steps are.  Are they diet changes? Not going to the gym for 2 hours? Why was I eating? Cravings? Hunger? How is your energy? Do you have a set bedtime? Are you sleeping?  We need to look at all of this to make better decisions. If that is not firing on all cylinders, something is off. 
Look at meals. (on the hunger side) What is my protein? What do my carbs look like? 
Am I getting plenty of good fats? Am I drinking enough water? Am I waiting too long to eat between meals? What are my cravings like throughout the day and at night?  
What do my workouts look like on a daily/weekly basis?  Am I actually sleeping, or are you in the camp I’ll sleep when I am dead?  (this is a HUGE NO for me.. Sleep does a body good, so please make sure you are sleeping ladies! Our bodies are like a phone, they NEED to recharge when we get to low battery.) If we don’t get enough sleep, we can’t turn all the dials within our bodies and things start to shut down. Learn to manage your stress as well to the best of your ability.  
Now that I have assessed everything, we can start to have a little more prescription guidance and start to decide our strategy and take action.  You don’t have to do everything. You need to pick what feels challenging but doable right now for you.  
And this is going to be different for each person.  Then we can see what worked and what didn’t work and how we can move forward. Really tune into that, the goal doesn’t have to change but we have to change our approach from time to time. 
Let’s learn to be okay with experimenting with things!  Just because I try something doesn’t mean I have to stick with it.  But it doesn’t hurt to just try it. 
James Clear said, “We are so focused on figuring out the best approach, that we never get around to taking action.”  This is what happens all the time. You analyze what is going on and take an assessment. But say I am going to find the right way.   Well, HOW DO YOU KNOW? How do you know it is the right way until you actually sit down and create what is measured!  
It’s all about creating experiments.  This summer I am working with a number of women to create their own experiments for the summer. But what is cool about experiments, is you can always go back to do what you were doing before!  So, if you are constantly complaining about something and keep going back to doing the same thing… WHY WOULDN’T you want to try something new? 
Doing the same thing will get you the same results. Bottom line.  Don’t worry about getting it right, I did the same stuff for over a decade, and it didn’t get me anywhere.  But what I had to do was I had to take a step back and experiment.  Are you tired of doing the same stuff and getting the same so-so results or no results at all?  Most women never realize that overworking your body is like planting bulbs in the winter and expecting them to bloom a few weeks later.  You know the outcome that you want, and you think you know that we have to take these steps.  But during that process, we cannot skip steps.  Every step has a purpose!  
When you work with me, I say how do we create this, so you are on autopilot so that from time to time we need to crank up the dial. And sometimes we need to crank down the dial.  I don’t know about you, but when I know what I am doing and create my own personal experience, that is how I gain my confidence!!  Listen up Magic Makers… You can continue to chase your tail with nothing to show for it or you can try something different.  You know you are going to get pissed off and fail with what you are currently doing, so why not go ahead and try and do something different? 
I am asking people this summer to go on an experiment with me!!  Go on an experiment with me for 66 days.  Let’s learn unsexy things and learn habits! (Because we know habits aren’t sexy….) Having great habits gives you the sexy things you want.  They give you flat abs without doing 1000 crunches.  It gives you the ability to go out with your family and not restrict yourself!  So, if you are done chasing your tail and finally ready to take the steps to say what is the outcome, what are the steps that work for me!? If you want a challenge to help you get started… then the Stress-Free Summer starts on June 20th! https://www.fitgirlmagic.com/stressfreesummer22_waitlist/ 
That is where we’re going to learn to build those great habits. Those habits will build a routine, those routines will build consistency and that consistency ultimately builds your success!!! If I don’t have great habits, I am not going anywhere… I will remain stuck! Listen, I get it… Hard sucks, it makes me quit and always makes me quit on myself. Hard made me feel like a loser and I WANT YOU to feel like a winner.  Anything is possible if you have great habits.  But please remember, Kim’s habits don’t need to be yours, so what are the habits that YOU want to create?  
In those 66 days, we are going to figure out what lane you are in, fast or slow lane, and there is no right lane here because we all have different seasons in our life.  We have to make peace with the season we are in and stick with it. So, if you want to come on that journey with me and you are DONE chasing new tails and you want to take the steps to figure out the right plan so that you don’t feel like you’re always getting it wrong. You’re always feeling like a failure. Come on the journey with me!  I know that you won’t feel like a failure once we’ve gotten started!  

Stress Free Summer Master Class This class is for you if you’ve ever said if you tell me what to do I’ll do it. If I. had a process to follow, I’d follow it. Well, here it is! I’ll be breaking it down on Sunday, June 5th 7pm EST. Can’t make it live there will be a replay. https://www.fitgirlmagic.com/sfs-webby-2022
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