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What You Need To Know About ADHD

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Get ready, because we are diving deep into a thrilling discussion to help you to better understand what ADHD really means.


Today my guest Arianna Bradford debunks long-held beliefs surrounding ADHD. Often characterized by difficulties with organization and focus, ADHD has long been seen as a disorder. But in our “ADHD” episode, we turn that notion on its head. Could the problem be how we view ADHD, rather than ADHD itself? Arianna passionately argues that ADHD may not be an issue with those who have it, but with the societal structures around them.

Ladies, society places immense pressure on us to constantly produce, organize, and focus. For individuals with ADHD, navigating these expectations can be tough. But should you feel ashamed for needing a break? Absolutely NOT! At Fit Girl Magic, we believe acknowledging our mental health and ensuring self-care IS productive. Taking each day step by step and postponing tasks are perfectly okay—and Arianna reassured listeners that it’s high time we destigmatized this.

Arianna dives into the pressures faced by ADHD children, who often receive more negative messages than their counterparts. This negative climate can foster a fear of being seen as a problem and drive the child to perfectionistic behaviors.

We also chatted about the common misconceptions surrounding ADHD and how important it is to differentiate between self-diagnoses (especially from social media) and professional guidance.

Arianna also dips into the less-known territories of PMDD, its common occurrence in autistic women, and the unique hormonal responses experienced by this group.

But hold on – it’s not just about medication, folks. Arianna passionately insists on the importance of an arsenal of tools, like alarms, psychotherapy, and of course, good, old-fashioned self-care!

In our quest for understanding ourselves better, we may not always hit the mark the first, second, or even third time. But Arianna beautifully emphasizes that seeking help from health professionals is a journey of discovery, not a destination.

We ended this jaw-dropping episode with a reminder to approach tasks, big or small, with compassion for ourselves and our capabilities—an extraordinary reminder for everyone, not just those with ADHD.

Whew! What an adventure our “ADHD” episode was! This was a roller coaster journey of debunking myths, embracing our individuality, and learning to love all the unique quirks that make us, US!

Have a listen and share with me one big take away.

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