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Whatever Women Ought To Know About Moderation

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v@JiL7j&NN&PwcMlbLJB$SemModeration is about finding your sweet spot. The place where you don’t feel like you are ever “dieting”. I know for many women that feels like a pipe dream. Some women believe that “Moderation is not for everyone. I’ve tried to get to moderation and somehow I find a way to f*ck it up and then fall back to that binge-restrict cycle, I’m back to my rules, because my rules keep me safe.”

If that sounds like you keep listening.

In this episode, Coach Kim Barnes Jefferson will show you:

  • How to find your moderation sweet spot
  • Determining what works for you
  • How to find your balance and maintain it
  • How to plan your success with the end in mind
  • How committing to 3 things will keep you from feeling overwhelmed
  • Why you need to pace yourself and have patience
  • Making sure that what you restrict your foods and how to be realistic with your workouts
  • Make sure that your workouts are working for you

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