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Could I Live A Nomadic Lifestyle”

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In yesterday’s blog challenge I was asked about where I wanted to live and today as about do I have it in me’ So.. let me follow up with where I’d want to live. Here are a few places that I wouldn’t mind having long term stays — ie. 1-3 months.

  • Hawaii — the big island (January is whale season and they always put on a free show around sunset)
  • Australia
  • Bora/Bora
  • Italy — just saw the Amalfi coast and fell in love – I could spend some serious time there.
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Spain
  • Greece — would love to cruise the Greek isles and explore the culture it seems like it would be SUCH fun.

So.. yes, I love to travel, but not sure if I’d want to stay for extended periods of time. I really would miss my husband as he likes to travel as well. This would probably be something that he and I would have to do in retirement. But I do love to dream. This process has really opened my eyes to just how easy it would be to run my business remotely. I do have the stamina. I’m not someone who sticks to the tourist route. In fact, my husband and I enjoy doing off the beaten path stuff.

This could be my lifestyle in about 10 years, at this point I’m going to get my business set up so that this will be a matter of WHEN and not IF.

What about you do you have the stamina to live a nomadic life”


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