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What’s Your Motivation’

New Year Resolution making is just around the corner.  Let me ask, how’d you do last year’ Do you achieve all that you set out to resolve’  Well how me make 2009 the year that you make all your new year’s resolutions’

Here are few steps to help you make them.

  1. Define your goals and write down your goals so that they are visible
    • a flab stomach is a wish
    • losing 5 pounds of fat is a goal
  2. Create a  tracking system
    • without a tracking system how will you know how you are doing against your goal
  3. Grab a partner or board of directors
    • someone or a group of folks who you tell your goal and will how you accountable.  I talking touch love, not someone who will say “that’s OK, you’ll do it next year”
  4. Evaluate
    • take a look at your tracking system and see how you are doing are you making process, if not why what do you need to change to hit your goals, if you are hitting your goals, how can you keep going.

Quick advice:

Don’t set more than 2 resolutions this year.  If you find that you are accomplishing what you want to do, then set 2 more.  Most folks want to change the world after their hangover where off, so put the cape back in the closet and pick 2 things you REALLY want to accomplish this year and work your fanny off to get it.

So, tell what are you thinking about this year’  Do you want someone hold you accountable’  I can help you need me to give you a hug while I kick you the A%#$^&.

Stay tuned, I have some goals I am working on and will share them with you next Monday!


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