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What’s Your Why’

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This is the time of year when many of you make “resolutions” you decide that this is the year that you will….. Now I ask you a question – WHY”’ Why do you want to keep the resolution’  What is your motivation’  Why do you want to achieve that goal(s)’

Your why should be so powerful that it should keep you up at night with excitement, your why should be so motivating that it will drag your tushy out of bed on a minus 3 degree snowy morning to hit the gym to get your lift on.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down’  Having and KNOWING YOUR WHY is so important.  Your why is what helps you stay motivated during times when fear and doubt and distraction rear their ugly heads. Yes, all of these will creep around and try to derail you from your goals.

You probably saying – I have a why, but how do if I know if it’s as strong as it should be.  Here are a few questions you may want consider.  Will it:

  • ease any doubts that may creep into your mind’
  • make you get up and clean off your snowy car to hit the gym’
  • cause you to put your workouts in your calendar like an appointment you can’t break’
  • help you stay on track when you feel like slacking off’
  • allow you to stand up to those who don’t support your new life goals’

I ask you again, what is your why’  Why do you want to this’  Write it down and put it some place that you have see it each and every day.  Your why should be so clear that you can describe to yourself that it feels like an Oprah AHA moment.  Your why is the core of who you are and resonates with every fiber of your being.  Please know that today’s why maybe very different from what your why was last year or what it may be 6 months from now.  Remember here at Fab Fit Squad we are about progress not perfection!


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