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Who Else Wants To Know About HRT?|221

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Have you ever wondered what role hormones play in your overall health and well-being? There are countless misconceptions surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the impact of hormones on women’s health. In this week’s Fit Girl Magic podcast, we explore the truth behind hormone therapy and debunk some of the common myths that have caused confusion and misinformation.

1. The Importance of Research:
When it comes to medical matters, it’s important to gather information from reliable sources and make informed decisions. Our podcast guest, Dr. Rosensweet, emphasizes the need to present all sides and encourages listeners to conduct their own research. Understanding the facts is key to breaking down misconceptions and making informed choices about your health.

2. Hormone Pellets: An Alternative Solution:
Dr. Rosensweet discusses the use of hormone pellets, which are inserted into the buttocks every three months. Not a fan of this method as it may release an undetermined about of hormone over the course of the 90 days.

3. Progesterone and Anxiety:
Did you know that progesterone, the hormone produced by ovaries, has a calming effect? Dr. Rosensweet explains that during pregnancy when progesterone levels are high, women often experience periods of extreme calmness. Many women experience anxiety as progesterone levels decline before losing their periods. However, he believes that life challenges can be difficult but not anxiety-inducing, raising questions about the correlation between progesterone decline and anxiety.

4. Hormones and Health Risks:
Contrary to popular belief, hormone therapy has been proven to have numerous health benefits for women. Research discussed in the book “Happy, Healthy Hormones” and “Estrogen Matters” reveals that women treated with hormones have a lower risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes compared to those who do not receive treatment. Even women who have had breast cancer are at a lower risk of recurrence if they are on hormone therapy. These findings challenge the prevailing notion that hormone treatment increases health risks.

5. Debunking the Women’s Health Initiative Study Committee:

Dr. Rosensweet refers to a study that came in 2002 that lead many doctors and women to believe that hormone therapy could increase breast cancer, stroke and heart attacks. However, the committee later retracted their study in 2016 after 18 years of follow-up, stating that there is no increased risk for breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Dr. Rosensweet advises listeners to rely on updated scientific evidence rather than outdated misconceptions.

Understanding the facts about hormone therapy is crucial for making informed decisions about your health. By debunking common myths surrounding hormones, you can empower yourself to seek the right treatments and live your best life. Remember, gathering information from reliable sources and seeking professional advice is key to making HRT less confusing.

Please note: The content of this blog post is based on the information provided during the Fit Girl Magic podcast episode should not substitute professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized information and recommendations.


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