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Who Else Wants To Thrive In Menopause

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Hey there, Fit Girl Magic listeners! Today, I’m diving deep into the ups and downs of menopause and how it can be a transformative, sometimes challenging, phase in a woman’s life. Join me as I explore the essential nutrition and exercise changes that can help you fight stubborn weight gain and manage hot flashes during this time. It’s time to allow to thrive through menopause!


The Power of Protein and Fiber:
Menopause brings about significant changes in our bodies, and it’s crucial to adapt our nutrition to support these changes. One key adjustment is adding protein and fiber to our diet. Protein helps maintain muscle mass, which tends to decline as we age. Incorporating strength training into our exercise routine is particularly vital for women over 35. Fiber, on the other hand, aids in digestion and elimination of toxins and excess estrogens. Both protein and fiber contribute to feelings of satiety and help control snacking.

Rethinking Calorie Consumption:
During menopause, it’s time to shift our focus from simply eating less to eating until you’re satisfied. Our bodies need nourishment and energy to function optimally. Instead of depriving yourself of carbs, it’s crucial to include them in your diet, especially if you’re engaged in strength training. Carbs serve as fuel for your body and brain, providing essential energy to keep you going. A balanced approach, prioritizing protein, vegetables, good fats, and then carbohydrates, will help stabilize energy levels and control cravings.

Mindful Eating and Portion Control:
As we age and navigate through menopause, we must become more mindful of listening to our bodies and understanding our hunger cues. Learning what fullness feels like and discovering the right portion sizes for our bodies is essential. It’s time to let go of the clean plate mentality and embrace the philosophy that there’s always more. By reducing portion sizes and being in tune with our hunger levels, you can create a healthier relationship with food and avoid overeating.

Exercise for Menopause:
Say goodbye to the notion that exercise has to be long and grueling to be effective. Instead, focus on short, efficient workouts that work for your unique needs and abilities. Prioritize strength training to maintain muscle mass and enhance overall strength. Ditch the idea that a good workout leaves you unable to wash your hair or get off the toilet the next day. Find exercises that challenge you without leaving you completely exhausted and overwhelmed.

Navigating menopause can be quite the journey, but with the right nutrition and exercise strategies, you can thrive during this transformative phase. Remember, it’s about adapting to the changes in our bodies, prioritizing protein and fiber, and finding a balance that works for us individually. So, let’s embrace this new game and become the leaders of our own well-being. Together, we can tackle menopause and come out stronger, healthier, and more satisfied than ever before. Stay fabulous.

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