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Why REPS Is The Only Skill You Really Need

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This is something I have been thinking about for a while now..

How can I make getting healthy, getting fit, hell, life simpler for me clients! Have a listen

How do I help my clients to zone in on their goals and start their journey towards them without feeling overwhelmed or bombarded with everything they NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW.

How can I help them to not feel sooo completely overwhelmed that they just shut down before they have even begun’

So, if you have ever felt paralyzed, or not sure where to turn when it comes to getting healthy and fit, continue to read on, because I KNOW I have created a decision framework that will really help you map through any problem

Have you ever asked yourself What is that right choice’

orhow do you decide what the right choice is’

Well, I am glad you asked.. Because I came up with something called the REPS Formula and this helps you to GET YOUR REPS IN! But what does REPS stand for’ Realistic, Excitement, Preemptive Planning and Sustainability. ?Let’s just get right into it shall we!’


Listen, you have gotta to get real with yourself on this as to WHAT your goals are! You want to be SO CLEAR with your choices, that you are going to make them come true. Then you have to ask yourself, The goal that I set for myself, will it change my life, or will I hope that it changes my life’ When you decide that it’s realistic, you KNOW that it will change your life, and when you do this there will be that change!

Let’s say I want to get $1 Million, but I am not Bill Gates! I am a regular Joe Shmoe and how and I going to get $1 Million’ Are we going to make $1 Million in 90 days’ No probably not, it is just not realistic.? But if I scale that number back a bit, let’s say to $10,000, I have a better shot of hitting that and I am now on my way to $1 Million! This goes the same if you are wanting to lose 40 pounds in less than 4 months’ That can be physically impossible!

Be sure to set yourself goals in 90-day clips, as it will help to see your progress over 90 days instead of 900 days! In this 90-day window, what are your abilities’ Do you have to be superhuman to achieve this in the 90 days’ And does your schedule allow for you to achieve this in 90 days’ Then, ask yourself, is this goal going to happen based on my ability’ Or is it going to require luck and being bitten but a radioactive spider’ ”” (how to determine if it is realistic for me!!)

YOU CAN HAVE BIG GOALS.. I WANT you to have big goals. But I want you to take that big goal and bring it down to earth and do a piece of that goal. So that you stay motivated the whole entire time!


Alright, so how excited are you about this goal’ Does this goal get your butt right out of bed in the morning, and do you want to just tell everyone who you come in contact with about this goal’! Are your friends, family and co workers telling you to shut the heck up about your goal””’ Whether you are setting a health goal, a fitness goal, or any type of goal, there HAS TO BE some sort of excitement! There just has to because that is what is going to keep you going! Not motivation because that only lasts so long.. You have to have excitement,
This is my goal, I am so pumped to get it, and I am off to do whatever it takes to hit this goal!

Make sure to ask yourself, do you really want to do it? Take running for example. If you like running, rock on with your bad self and go run! But if you hate it, DON’T DO IT! ”” It’s not going to get you to the goal you want! Especially if I’m not looking forward to it.

I only run when I am being chased, or I am trying to beat the meter maid! Those are the two times you’ll see me running, and you sure as hell won’t see me setting a goal to run more. NOPE!

If you find yourself constantly giving up, then it’s the means. You aren’t excited about the means to the end.. And you need the excitement.

Preemptive Planning

I am recovering winger. Winging it never got me anywhere but frustrated. Now, I AM THE QUEEN  So when setting a goal and going through REPS formula, you HAVE TO pre-think what your challenges may be for this goal. You cannot just wing it with challenges. And you will have pitfalls, that’s life.

You get tripped up and you can’t get to the grocery store on the day you wanted to go. How are you going to get around that if it happens’ What are you going to have as a backup plan so that you don’t get a quick fast food meal instead of healthy dinner’? What if you miss the gym one day because you slept in’
And how much time a month do you have to put to planning for this goal and a PLAN B if something were to trip you up’ (daily, weekly, monthly) THIS is where your habits are formed. Then once you have great habits, you will have amazing routines, you will have the consistency, and then you will have the results! Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the diet, it’s not about the workout, it’s not about the meal plan. It is about the habits you create. Those habits are what is going to build into a routine. And the routine is the whole shebang. Get healthy, get a new job, make more money, whatever it is, we need to start getting into the groove of creating these routines!!!!


One of the biggest pieces we tend to ALWAYS forget is the SUSTAINABILITY piece to it all! It is literally what drives us!

So you have to ask yourself… Can I create a routine out of it, and it will be my lasting habit to get me the consistency I have been longing for’? Is this an overall approach to what I am looking for’ Or is it a quick fix’ Are you going for the hit it and quit it kind of diet’ (And we all know that when people go on drastic diets and they try to eat ?normal, it’s a hot steamy pile of ””

So this goal, it HAS TO BE sustainable, it HAS TO BE realistic. Can you see yourself doing this for the next 30 days, for the next 90 days, for the next year or next 3-5 years! You have to be in it for the long haul and make it more of a lifestyle change so that it becomes such a part of your life it is like breathing or eating! And you have to value yourself as the person making these decisions. Do you value constantly or consistency’ I always try to get my clients to value consistency. Just making sure you show up for yourself and put in the work to really be involved with what you are doing. Consistency does not mean constantly!

REALISTIC, EXCITED PRE-EMITIVE PLANNING, SUSTAINABLE. This is literally the entire framework that I put most of my decisions through! AND IT WORKS!

Okay, so I am going to hit you with a little case study You want to lose 40 pounds in the next 4 months.

Is it realistic’ Ideally no it is not. Most people only lose about .5 to 2 pounds per week, and you may not lose weight every single week. So you would need to lose a minimum of 5 pounds per week to reach that 40-pound mark. Could you be happy if you lost 1-2 pounds per month’ Could you start to think, that is better than nothing!

Are you excited’ Do drastic calorie cuts, and ramped up exercise get you all revved up like 16 year girl being asked to the prom by her crush’ DOUBT IT! But it may for some people!

Do you have any preemptive planning’ Are you at a period in your life where you can devote, hook line and sinker, to this and only this’ No job, no kids, nothing is going to get in your way. No date nights, events to keep you from your mission of losing that 40 pounds.

Is this sustainable’ 4 months have come… Now, what is going to happen in month 5′ What is the plan, Susan’ What is the plan’ What part did you start and ask yourself huh, I am not sure… Break it down and get in touch with what you really want to do!

What are some of the goals you have for yourself’ And what does it look like running through this formula’ Are your goals realistic’ Are you excited about them’ Do you have one’ Do you have some type of preemptive plan, do you have a plan B’ Because we know life is busy and stuff is going to happen! And is it sustainable in your life’ You need to ask yourself these things!

Arthur Ashe said this quote and it is really the impetus for this REPS Formula. He said, Start where you are and do what you can with what you have.

Take that and use these tools! And let me know what you think! Hit me up on social Magic Makers and give me your input! Does this resonate with you’ Try REPS and tell me what it does for you!! And I cannot wait to hear all about it!


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