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Why We Gain Weight

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We’ve all done it! You know look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart poking and prodding certain bodyparts and questioning why is (insert the body part) so flat or why  doesn’t my (insert the body part) look like the women I saw on the cover of the latest fitness magazines’

One simple answer, MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!!
If we don’t exercise on a regular basis, we will lose about ½ of pound of muscle/year.  You will lose on average 15 pounds of muscle and gain 45 pounds of fat, that’s a 60 pound change in your body from the age 20-60!

Holy (insert your expletive) !!!

So what can you do’

Step 1:  Strength Train at least 20 minutes 2-3x/week
 No ladies you will not bulk up, by strength training
Don’t know where to start’
Have a gym membership take a muscle sculpting class
Hire a personal trainer for a 30-minute session to show you the works
No gym membership, send me an email and we discuss some steps

Step 2:  Cardio at least 20 minutes 2-3xs/week
This doesn’t mean you are reading the latest chic lit book or celebrity gossip magazine you are moving it!  You should break a sweat!

Step 3:  Nutrition:  Eat Right
Just because you are working out, doesn’t give you a license to snap on the feedbag!  Sure, you will be a little more ravenous, but our goal is drop some pounds!  So please follow a sensible eating plan.  We will take more about that in another post.


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