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To Women Who Want To Live More Mindfully, But Can’t Get Started

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As we get older we tend to give a little more thought to our quality

of life. Jacquie Bird was a multi-passionate performing and tactile artist and author. Though she was traveling the world living her dream life, she began to feel frustrated and depressed. After moving away from the life and career she thought she wanted, Jacquie realized that in order to move forward, she had to dig deep and discover who she really was.

As adults we make silent agreements with ourselves and the world that override our decisions and compromise our happiness. But when we decide that we want something different, we can make it happen. Whether you call it the Law Of Attraction, The Secret, or just plain old fashioned luck, you attract what you focus on. In this episode, Jacquie explains how we can change our outcome by changing our input. In doing so, we relieve our stress and step into our best lives.


7 Daily Thoughts and Mantras for Mindfulness.



Roll with Peace in Mind

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