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Count down to Women’s Tri Fitness

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I just landed in Vegas, the temperature is a balmy 101. I know that say its a dry heat, but it still hotter than Hades out there, I’m not complaining because I do love the heat. Actually as I sit here and type I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jacket as the hotel likes to keep it like Antarctica. But I digress… So the actual competition doesn’t start until tomorrow, but today was weigh in for the bench press.. Which in my mind is the scariest part of this whole competition, you need to bench press 60% of your body weight for 50 reps, my goal weight to lift is 75 pds.  I got on the scale in my house and my unofficial weight had me 4 pounds below the top end of my weight class SWEET!!!. This morning at 8am — after flying 5 hours I get on the scale I’m 5 POUNDS heavier than I was at home, are you SHITTING ME!!! I retained that much water from flying or someone had their foot on the scale!

The best thing about TriFit is that you are not 1 and done Bernie, the person weighing me, was so helpful, she’s like I’m putting a star next to your name, a 1/2 pound is something you can easily sweat that out. I race back to my room trying not to wake my husband, but hears me scrambling for my sweatsuit and he asks “what’s up'” I tell I need to drop a 1/2 pound and I’m heading to the sauna to sweat it out. Hey says to me ever so calmly — “Are you freaking out'” SERIOUSLY — YES — I busted my ASS in the gym and stuck to my stringent diet and flew 1/2 way across the country  I’d me damned if I’m going to miss my weight class by 1/2 pound.

I head down to the sauna to try to sweat it out like a wrestler. While I’m sitting in there I’m greeted by fellow TriFit athletes who too are trying to sweat it out as well and we all share our stories, some are so inspirational that it makes my 1/2 pound seem so VAIN compared to where some of these women have come from. One women lost 175 in 1 year just so she compete with her sister this year. Another women dumped an abusive boyfriend and this was here way of proving to herself that she was worthy. I could go on and on. This is one of the many reasons why I love competing the comrade that you have here is just unreal,  you feel like you’re reminiscing with a a long lost friend just moments after you meet them, you realize we all had a journey to reach this point and its so great to hear what challenges and/or obstacles they had to overcome to get here.

I gave myself a 10 am deadline (FYI– at this point I haven’t had any food, water or coffee and was CRAZY hot) My husband refers to this a the perfect storm — before I went crazy I had to go upstairs to weigh in.  As I walked to the room I said I will accept my fate and move on, I’m lucky that I am able to be here and compete. No I’m no martyr I was just FREAKIN’ HUNGARY!

I MADE IT!!!! I dropped 3.5 pounds and made weight!!!

Let the games begin — I touch base with you tomorrow — 9am is the grace and physique round.

PS.. I don’t recommend the sauna method a form a healthy weight loss. =)


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