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Can You Have Work And Play’

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Today is all about how we can mix work with play. What an interesting concept!! This is so timely because one of my mentors told me I needed to CHILL out! That I was working to hard and needed to find a way to mix business with pleasure. That comment made me take a big step back!! I didn’t know where to begin, so this blog posting is quite timely.  I’m going to treat this blog post today like an interview. Kim I want to you close your eyes and visualize your perfect day.

  1. How would you spend it’ I’m a sucker for the ocean. Ideally I would love to wake with the help of an alarm clock. I would go outside and with a hot cup of coffee and just take in the morning. I know that they say you shouldn’t read the paper, but it helps to ground me. I find that when I read the paper it’s not about the fire, murders and bad things, I really gravitate towards the human interest, science and okay a little entertainment news. The main thing is really all about just sitting out and breathing in that ocean air.  Once my morning is complete I’d head out to the gym. Then I’d head back and start my work day. Once my work is complete I’d head back outside and watch the sunset — I love watching the colors and how they vary from day to day. IBeach Chairs Watching Oceant’s just so fascinating to me.
  2. With whom’ I envision myself surrounded by friends who share my vision, make me laugh and push me to better than I think I could possible be. Of course my husband would be with me, but we both know that if we spend to much time together it would make us crazy –LOL =)
  3. Where would you be’ As I’ve mentioned I LOVE warm weather!!! Ideally I’d be in a place that I can be outside enjoying warm weather. With that said, I could be somewhere where I wear a light jacket or fleece, but certainly not wearing a hat, scarf and gloves!
  4. Would you be working, playing or both’ My day would a combination of both. One of my clients said it best everyday would be a Saturday! You know where you might have some things to do in the mornings, but then the rest of the day is YOURS!!! The challenge as I mentioned earlier is to just relax and not feel Isagenix Dairy Free Shake like I need to ALWAYS be moving!
  5. What does that smell, look and feel like’ They say that if you are doing something you love you are in the “flow”. My goal through this blog challenge is to really discover “my flow”. Over the past few years, I’ve done stuff for money. Now..I want to pay attention to what I do that makes me get into the flow. So.. my day looks and feel relaxed, I’m not anyone’s else time schedule or agenda. I’m working on projects that make me happy and while I’m working on them I lose track of time. The part of my day is really make sure I have blocks where I’m not watching the trying to squeeze in project into bits of time. I truly believe that’s what hurts my flow. As I lose my rhythm and its hard to get it back.

Kim, now that we got the personal thoughts of your day, let’s talk about your business.  Contemplate how a business fits into your perfect life.

  • What kind of work do you do’ My business is a  combination of online and telephone coaching. I’m also working on creating easy to make clean eating recipes. One of the outcomes of my business is also recommending and sharing products that would be beneficial for my clients.
  • Who are your customers’ My clients are busy moms and working women over forty who are looking to get their groove back.
  • How much time would you spend in your business’ In any given day, I would love to spend happy face4 hours working in my business and another 2-4 hours working on my business. Now here is the distinction.  In my business is doing the hands on work, actively coaching clients, writing programs, responding to emails, putting together information products, and marketing my business. Working ON my business would be meeting with business partners, attending conferences, marketing, attending networking events.
  • What hours would you work, ideally’ I find I’m most awake between 11 and 4 and then get another burst around 8pm.  Vision Board 1

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