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You Are What You Think!

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What are your thoughts around losing weight, getting into shape, staying healthy. Do you think that you can do it, have you tried in the past and it didn’t happen as quickly as you wanted it to and then you gave up’ Were you successful and then went back to your old ways and put the weight back on’

Regardless of what happened to you there was a THOUGHT that you had and that THOUGHT made you be successful or told you to quit.

Now when you listened to the successful thought, did you visualize what you like when you reached that goal, could you smell taste, touch what success would feel like’  Or did you visualize failure and let those thoughts stop you dead in your tracks.

Give this  a try change the frequency and focus on the positive. See yourself as being successful, so clear you can touch it, you feel like you are dreaming and will need to pinch yourself.

Are you reading this and going what the heck is she talking about’ What I’m talking about is visualization. You set a goal and really clearly define it and see  yourself as if you have reached that goal! Each day you’re taking baby towards reaching that goal and eventually your goal will be achieved.

This happens because we changed our thoughts around our goal.

Here is how I changed my thoughts — I am not a very good swimmer and my husband is always asking me to go kayaking with him, I typically say no or I’ll think about it and never do. This past weekend, he asked me and instead of  my typical response, I visualized that I could do, I saw through my fear of the water and did it. I visualized myself being successful versus being stranded and rescued by the Coast Guard.

How can you change your thoughts’ I’d love to hear about that. Please leave me some comments below.


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