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Continuing with the six things are keeping your weight stuck. Your mission.
Your identity Your capacity, you can check those videos, you can watch them independently, you can binge, whatever is going to work best for you.

Today’s conversation about habits is that stop being an information collector, and start being someone who actually takes action with all the information that we have. I recently saw a statistic from a study, that said 67% of the people who have gotten some sort of a DNA tests, telling what you are sensitive too or allergic too. Well only 67% of people have made no change whatsoever to their diet or exercise.

You had to know this info, yet you havenít done a damn thing with it. So many people want the ďinformationĒ but then take no action on it. I teach class, and I see people like looking at their Apple watch, do you take that information’ And do you apply it to make decisions’ Or are you taking that information and just storing it in your brain’ I ask because we are our habits. Did you know that 40% of our day is done habitual’ There are things that we do that we donít even think about it. Think about driving home’ Do you really think about it’† You just know you right at the stop sign left at the tree. Do you ever wonder, ďHow did I get here’Ē That’s because it’s just become a habit. Another habit that I use regularly is coffee. Do you put the creamer before the sugar’ Or the sugar before the cream’ Or you just drink your coffee’ You don’t remember, unless you’re someone who’s always going to Starbucks ordering a half pump, no Cafe half Cafe blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Itís our habits that are going to drive us to be successful or not successful. Habits, work for and against us. Here is where you identify habits the ones you want to change, and the ones you want to improve.
I know many of us want to dive right in, but there is a small amount of people who can, you know, dive into the deep, and with a rock. Most will find success by choosing smaller goals. †If we just slow our roll, we just backup a little you are better able to focus. When you focus on one thing, it could be the domino that just moves the rest of your goals along. One of the best books I’ve ever read in my life is called The One Thing and it basically says the reason why so many of us don’t get results with most things in our lives is that we are trying too hard to be great a many things at once. You may be trying hard to be a good employee, lose the weight. Be a great wife, spouse, girlfriend, or partner.

Youíre focused on doing so many other things all at once. As the book starts if we just boiled down our actions, weíd accomplish WAY more than we thought.

Many of you think you need to go hard. Hard is overwhelming!

So instead of choosing hard work, choose, what feels challenging, but doable right now. I know you think you wonít hit your goals with this approach but guess what when it comes goals if you are someone who is a A+++ type person, you will never arrive, there’s always going to be another challenge there is always gonna be another bar another level that you always want to go to.

So how do you choose this one thing, right’

Maybe itís telling yourself that you will drink more water. When I do that I will have less cravings. , I have a client who wants to get more sleep, she knows that if she got more sleep sheíd be more consistent with waking early and hitting the gym. Great. I have another client who wants to stop stressing out.

Do you see where Iím going’ I have my clients looking at their behaviors to see what habits could possibly be the lead domino. Letís use the sleep example. †Let’s just talk setting a bedtime. If you are a night out, and stay up to 12, one o’clock in the morning, donít think that you will automatically, go to bed at 10. Instead Focus on moving up your bedtime by 15 minutes. Tell yourself, that youíre going to bed at quarter 12. Set an alarm on your phone. And thatís going to be my alarm to go to bed.

I’ve shared this before, and maybe you haven’t, but I am a big fan of good, better best, right’ Because it was the new habits, we’re gonna feel like, you know, like a baby calf like trying to walk for the first time, Pick a good, a best and a better.

It looks like this I’m gonna go to bed on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, this would be the best week. A good week, Monday and Wednesday. A good week would be Wednesday

This will be your focus for 30 days.

The comedian Jerry Seinfeld, starting this thing, donít break the day. When he first started, he said a good comedian has a whole cadre of jokes. He challenged himself to write one joke every day, I’m not going to judge if it’s good or bad, I’m just going to get into the habit of everyday writing a joke. He put up a calendar on the wall and every day, he would put an X when he wrote a joke.

James Clear, he wrote a book Atomic Habits. Many things you are going to start and sustain a habit right off the bat, that would be amazing. However, human nature tells us that’s not gonna happen. So, one of the things he said is, don’t try to miss two times in a row. Very similar to don’t break the chain, do your best to not miss two days in a row, you know, because it’s easy to do easy not to do.

If you miss one day thatís okay, life happens, but Iím going to pick back up and if I did miss, ask what happened’ Or what was it that caused me to miss so that Iím able to take that information and turn it into something that I can take put into action. And that leads into a plan for slip ups. We live in the real-world shits gonna happen. You might have to work late, a kid might get sick, you might get sick. It might snow something just life might happen. The key is to have to plan.

The last tip I’m going to give you it’s gonna be the hardest part. PATIENCE. = You didn’t put the weight on overnight. It’s not gonna come off overnight. Your body isn’t like Amazon, weíve gotten so use to ordering something on Monday and have it on my doorstep by Friday, you know the little blue van shows up at my door, I challenge you to give yourself you know, stay the path for at least 30 days, because over 30 daysí time, you’re going to see your pitfalls. And when you know your pitfalls, you’ll be able to better plan for them and better able to circumvent them if and when they do pop up again.

So, let me ask you, you know, do you want to be this person just collects all this information knows all this shit about yourself, and just stores it away’ Or do you want to be that person who’s an action taker takes all that information says what feels actionable right now, what feels a little challenging, but also feels doable’

Because you can have all the information at your fingers and remain stuck and overwhelmed with not knowing where to go. Or you can just zero in and say, Okay, this is what feels good for me right now. And this is what I’m going to focus on.

So let me know I’d love to hear like what is that one habit that you feel is like your domino that’s going to knock down the rest for you.

Last piece of this series I going to talk all about your environment, and I don’t mean that environment outside. I’m talking about your physical mental environment and your physical living space.


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