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You Get What You Give

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This is the excuse monster starts to pop up for most people,
well I’m _____________or my husband/SO/parents_____________ or I don’t have _____.

Here is the secret to weight loss, come closer are you ready.  It’s called HARD WORK!

It it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. — Cher

If it were easy everyone would be walking around looking their best. So what are you going to give to get.  This is where you look inside and ask yourself, WHY do I want to achieve this goal’ What is my motivation’ Trust me if you are the main motivator for achieving this goal, you won’t don’t it. I’m not saying you can’t be motivated by your family, but if they are the main motivator when times get tough you’ll find an excuse to give up. I find the most successful weight loss people are those who decide for themselves, they need to make a change and then that’s where the will power kicks or magic kicks in. I ask again what are you willing to give to get’  As they say there are no free lunches.

When I start getting ready for a show, it’s a long 12 week process of both mental and physical preparation. I always have to think about what am I going to give.

The first thing is time — am I willing and able to spend 10-15 hours in the gym lifting, doing cardio and practicing my routine.
The 2nd ting is the diet — am I willing to give up — liquor, my favorite sandwich at the Parish cafe, SWEETS, SWEETS and SWEETs, Splenda (more that is later) and a host of other things that I can’t think of, off the top of my head.

The answer is YES!!! If I want to reach my goals, I will need to put in all my efforts and look at them not a sacrifice’s but a stepping stones to my goal. Tell me what keeping you for reaching your goals.


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