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7 Steps to Getting Back on The Horse After Falling Off

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You’ve screwed up. Maybe you’ve been trying for a while now to break that bad habit and thought you were making some progress. But now after the weekend from hell, you’re off track and maybe even worse off than before.

Now what’

You keep going. Only this time, you’re going to build in some good habits as you take on solving the bad. How’ By following these seven simple steps.Try scheduling yourself. If your goal is to exercise, you should decide on specific days to visit the gym and put them on the calendar. If you know that at 4pm you find yourself typically reaching for those chips, try setting a reminder on your phone to encourage you to grab something else. Even things that don’t have specific dates or times attached can be ‘scheduled’ with certain triggers. For example, every time you’re in an elevator think about something positive.

Don’t be deterred by minor setbacks. Quarantine life took a toll on many of us. Having trouble fitting in that whole workout’ Then grab a foam roller and give yourself a quick roll or a quick 15 minute workout. Weren’t you able to take that long walk after dinner’ At least get outside for a few minutes. Honoring the intent behind the action will go a long way toward keeping you in the mindset of the habit you’re trying to create.

Get a buddy. Someone that will make you accountable to at least try can help you keep on track just by being there.

What do you have’ If you got off track for financial reasons, instead of making excuses, get creative. Maybe you can’t afford a gym membership, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and take a walk. Can you find a You Tube channel that has a workout that you like’ Don’t let the lack of a “gym” membership be the excuse that sets you back. You don’t have to do things perfectly. The goal in creating new habits is to do new more positive things. That’s it.

Don’t be a perfectionist. Let me repeat that. Don’t be a perfectionist. Give yourself permission to slip up and give yourself some grace. OK, so you ate well all week, and then totally binged when you when you ordered pizza promising yourself you’d only have 1 piece and then it was game on so you might as well follow it up with a few drinks. First, accept that the occasional splurge isn’t going to hurt anything. Also realize that in getting hung up over your failure, you’re giving up on all those days where you got it right. Allow yourself to screw up. That’s called life!

Fix your surroundings. Remember, people will do what’s easiest over what’s hard. So, if you’re wanting to eat better but have a plate of cookies on the counter, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Make it harder on yourself to reach for the tempting treats, remember if a food causes you to binge don’t have in the house. You want foods that make it easy to to do easy things.

Check your attitude. Why did you screw up’ Do you care about the change you’re trying to create or is this something you think you ‘should’ do’ If you don’t care, maybe it’s not something that you need to change.

It’s not hard to get back on track after a disaster. Stay strong and stay focused and you’ll get there in no time!

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