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The Secrets Your Fitness Personality Reveal About How To Lose Weight |93

This right here.. Is ALL about what I like to call my fitness personas! And what are they’ There are 5 different personalities or persona categories that all women fall into when it comes to their fitness journey. And no category is right or wrong, and yes, you can be more than one!! It is all about figuring out what you are to figure out what part of the fitness journey you are in! And once you figure that out, you will be able to figure out the path you need to take and get the help and support you need for that journey.


What are those personas” Suffering Sally, Mojo Mama, Comfort Connie, Perfect Pam, Freedom Frankie.

I am here to help you identify where you need to start and how I can take the burden off of you to make the climb a little easier. THISSS is my mission in life. For you to feel like every day is a beach day!!!!

But like I said before, you have to go through each of these fitness personas to get to that place where everything feels easy, good and effortless in our bodies!! You may see that you have multiple personalities or personas, but to really identify where you should start and what are the most predominant fitness personalities, I have come up with a Quiz!!! (So take that real quick and then come back and continue reading about each one!)

Suffering Sally
Suffering Sally has lost count of how many diets she has tried and failed at And she can’t seem to get out of your own way. She is desperate to try things and get something to stick, and she wants to figure out how to break free of this cycle and stop feeling like she is always failing!! Because feeling like this really sucks!!!

Sally how are you going to break out of this cycle is to create 1-3 non-negotiables. These are the things you can do day in and day out and you feel like you are honoring yourself and your health. You want to learn a few more tricks take the quiz, I break it down even more.

Mojo Mama
Before kids you were superhuman, could do all the things that you wanted! But once you had kids you could barely get out of the house without being a train wreck!
It is so easy to say when the kids are older, I will do this, when the kids get out of school, I will get fit. life gets easier, slower less hectic as your reasoning.

Guess what. You have to stop using your kids as an excuse to get fit!! So, you are going to look at your Big Rocks. And those things are sleep, stress management, mindset, exercise, self-care and nutrition. This is where we are going to focus to see a shift in what is going on. Think about how we will get out of our own way and focus on these big rock items.

If you can focus on all those rocks, but exercise is one that you just keep saying you don’t have time for. Then make time for it. Get the kids involved with it as much as possible. Bring the kids along. Do it at the playground’ Play with your kids and have them join. Show your kids good health to help carry forward with them in their lives!

Comfort Connie
Food is her spirit animal.. She eats when she is happy, stressed, anxious. Just like most of us, she has been socialized to blend food and emotions together. So, Connie is always trying to find a way to incorporate food into what she does and how she feels.

Listen I get it!! So how do we just feel through our emotions without turning to food’ You have to get to the point where food is not the first thought! So, I want you to HALT when you are about to eat and ask yourself these questions!
1. Am I hungry’
2. Am I angry’
3. Am I lonely’
4. Am I tired’
5. Am I bored’

We have to learn to ride the wave of feelings without food!! We want food to not be your spirit animal and I want you to find something else to be your spirit animal instead!

Perfect Pam
Well I think the name speaks for itself. They want perfection in all that they do. I am a recovering perfectionist. Especially when it came to me and my fitness competitions! It put my perfectionist personality into overdrive, and it became the perfect way for me to control everything in my life, especially when I was working out.

Having that control over their food and workout, makes them feel like they’re slowing down the moving train of life! And 9 times out of 10, they control this stuff because they cannot control something else in their lives.

I challenge my clients to stop beating themselves up about why they can’t be perfect or motivation or willpower. You have to snap out of this all-or-nothing mindset because it has the highs and lows and will keep you stuck in that vicious cycle. So, if you need it, ask for help!! Don’t struggle alone. If you really need help, ask for it.

When you are a Perfect Pam, go for the B+. Because going for the A+ is going to make you go batshit!! And just remember that B+ is ok because coming in at 80% is doing better than most people! And this is where I always tell people to create the small non-negotiables, so you feel like a winner! Try to do a few things day in and day out vs. the 20 so you don’t drive yourself crazy.

Freedom Frankie
THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GET TO!! My big overall dream and fantasy for you is to live the flip-flop life!!! Life feels effortless with your flip-flops in your hand!

You don’t feel guilty you are constantly working out. You are finally at a place where you feel fit, free, comfortable and confident in your life! There is no such thing as a good foods and bad foods list. You have mastered setting processed goals vs outcome goals. You are not out there looking for permission and you know how to stay on track in stressful times!

THIS RIGHT HERE, is what we are all striving for!! And it takes us time to get here, but we can get there! Now if you aren’t here, that is ok! I have given you tips and tricks to get there. If you want to get here but need a hand, that is where I come in. Hire a coach guys Hire a coach that helps you to get excited about where you need to go, what are the choices that need to be made and how do you connect it to your life!!

How do we achieve consistency’ Because that will give us success and results. What does that look like for you’ And which one of these personalities resonates the most with you!’ If you are not sure, take the quiz so you can see where you begin! Everyone has a starting point, whether you’re a Suffering Sally, a Comfort Connie, a Mojo Mama, or Perfect Pam, we all can evolve from that desperate dieter into the person who feels fit, free, comfortable and confident in their bodies, like Freedom Frankie!!

Where are you’ Where do you start the climb’ Which door do you need to walk through first’ I am handing you a plan. I am handing you a blueprint. You just have to grab it and do it! Just downloading the plan isn’t enough, we need to take action! That is where a coach comes in to figure out how to make this plan work for them. We help to guide you so that you can make it across the finish line.

Let’s walk through this together and get you feeling your best you have in a while!

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