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You’re About To Discover The Keys to Sustainable Weight Loss|96

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Sustainable weight loss How do I get there’ How can I find something that helps me create a weight loss process in my life and fits into my lifestyle’ This is a concept that helps to stop me from chasing my tail all the time. It has helped my clients to zero in on creating processes for themselves instead of being a follower! And this concept is called BIG ROCKS!


BIG ROCKS will be different for everyone. But what it comes down to is focusing on the BIG movers in your life or day to day life instead of all these little, small outlying things. So, my goal is to get the BIG ROCKS done first. (Not the minor more complex things that would come at a later time.) The goal of big rocks is to create this repeatable process that we can continue to rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat! We do it day in and day out so that it becomes second nature to us and we just DO IT!

Our BIG ROCKS are our non-negotiables. These are things that I have to do day in and day out and I do them without even thinking. They are there to help me stay on track and stay healthy without even thinking about that! The PEBBLES are your small rocks. These are things that you could do but are not crucial to your success. They are nice to have but they are just the whip cream nuts and cherry on a sundae! The SAND is everyday tasks of life, like being on time for carpool, or getting dressed, or going grocery shopping. That is the sand. The smallest things.

And this my friends is the jar of life. The big rocks take up most of the space. The pebbles come in next. Then the sand fills in the gaps. As we take this analogy into our life, everyone’s jar is going to be different for each person. When it comes to weight loss, I tend to see my clients focusing on sand and pebble stuff, but these aren’t the big dial movers! Are they going to help you crush it’ Are they the things that will move you along and show you results’ Your actions don’t need to be fancy, but they are moving the dial for you’

I want to focus on putting in my big rocks to fill up my jar. You want to lose weight efficiently, so how do you add the big rocks efficiently’ The big rocks help keep the main thing the main thing. So here are the 6 big rock, big topic areas, that if you focus your energies into these 6 areas, this is where you are going to get the most bang for your buck!
Self care

Where are you if you had to choose 3 of those things, what would they be’ They go on your calendar, and you don’t break them! You make these into a non-negotiable appointment!

Sleep is one of those things that if you don’t have enough sleep, your body is going to be hitting low battery mode. And when that happens, we start craving sugar, carbs and caffeine because we didn’t get enough sleep! This is going to be your cheapest and easiest way to lose weight. Try sleeping at least 7 hours a night. And if this is hard for you, look into what your bedtime ritual is. Does this set you up for bed’ I did a whole sleep podcast (one of my top 10) so go check it out if you need some extra help with this or if you struggle with sleeping.

If you can manage your sleep and your stress, booommm. You are golden!! You will be fantastic here. Yes we live in a very stressful time right now. I totally get that and understand. But I am going to have you stop and ask yourself what is in your life that is causing you stress and anxiety’ Start to identify what it is before anything. Give it a name. Our stress for the most part comes down to our thoughts. So, stop talking bad about yourself, stop telling yourself you can’t do something. I work on breathing (breathwork podcast link)to help with stress for me and it has helped tremendously. (I just did a podcast on this as well last week, so head and check it out!) Find something that helps you with stress management and start it.

Many people say this is harder than exercise for them. I am all about nutrition and thinking about if you can eat better’ Can you be better about the choices that you make’ Instead of thinking about the things that you think you need to pull out of your diet. Start to think about what you need to ADD to your diet. Two places where I see glaring are fruits and vegetables and proteins. I always challenge people to add in these things. When I focus on those 2 things, it doesn’t leave more room for the junk food. Try it and see. You will have less cravings!

This is a process. Can you move your body for 30 minutes a day’ We burn far more calories doing natural movement throughout the day moving around. So, make sure you are actually moving your body. Because we don’t move like we used to 50-100 years ago. We are more sedentary now, so we have to be conscious about moving our bodies. How can we add basic movement into our life or a structured exercise routine’ And please remember, this doesn’t have to be 2 hours in the gym. 30 minutes is ok, just get your body moving!

Can I see myself crossing the finish line’ Think about who has the lifestyle you want to embody. I have to see myself being successful to cross the finish line to have that motivation. Your motivation is your why and your why has to be so compelling that no matter what, you can always ask yourself if it’s getting you to where you want to go.

Even when you have a bad day, you have to give yourself pep talks. My why is always shifting as I move through life. So always remember where you are in life at that moment. And remember, It’s about the small victories. Give yourself permission to go for it and give yourself permission to celebrate those small victories. And don’t forget that your willpower is like a battery You have to keep it charged and that is by the right mindset. Think about it, can I change my mindset to keep that battery going’ To keep me going to get to my goals.

Self Care.
Self care can be done every day. It’s not massages and manis. Self care for me is my morning routine. My self care is my workout or going for a walk. My breathwork is my self care. Watching inspirational YouTube videos is my self care. Coloring is my self care. Because ALLLLL of this helps me to feel good! And when I feel good, I want to do things, and when I do things I make progress!

Alright, so out of those 6 things, what is easy for you to do right now’ Then schedule them on your calendar. Because you are going to treat them like an appointment. Once you have picked your 3 things, you can work on your pebbles, or you can stick to the rocks. But once your routines are more ingrained, then you can add to it. Just remember that you have to be so used to this that it’s natural before you can add stuff!!

Send me a DM or tag me on socials about your 3 rocks you are going to start working on!! Which ones are they for you!’


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