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Is Yo-Yo Dieting Your Way of Life’

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Losing weight isn’t easy for anyone. For some of us losing weight and getting healthy is way difficult than others for other. So many factors, our age, genes, and lifestyle can make it hard to manage your weight. Yes, there are different techniques, tools and plans to help you get weight loss results you want—but do they seem to work short term’ Then the search continues and you start seeking yet another new diets and start You Tubing new exercises. You’re not seeing the results that you want so then you move on to another diet. This one you may ride out a few weeks or even months. If this sounds like you, you may have slipped into the routine yo-yo dieting.

What The Heck Is Yo-Yo Dieting’
You are a smart cookie! You have heard the term, no let’s define it.
If you like to change things up every now and again while watch your weight, you probably aren’t are yo-yo dieter. Who doesn’t like to mix things up, right’ The kind of yo-yo dieting that I’m talking about is when your chasing a certain look or number on the scale. This type of dieting can turn into a serious problem if you aren’t careful. The best way to describe yo-yo dieting is jumping from one diet to another in a short amount of time seeking results. Basically it means you’ll move from one diet to the next if you don’t see the results you want within a few weeks.

It’s my experience those who yo-yo diet have trouble creating a healthy eating plan that works for their live to bring permanent results they desperately want!! .

I have been there!!! In competing days I would be strict when I was getting ready for a show and then when I finished competing if it wasn’t nailed down I ate it, then I would look in the mirror disgusted with myself and then put another show to help me take off the weight. This went on for 9 years!!!  I treated my body like a crap, I basically beat it into submission. Did I get last results” Nope… all I did was stress out me and my body.

What’s the big deal”
Our bodies are always looking to find balance, When one system is out of whack then it may and will shift resources around to make sure that body will remain in balance.
Let’s be clear, making the shift to healthier food choices and starting to workout does that throw your body out of balance. You body can’t handle the extremes very well.

When we decide to “diet” we want to declare I want to lose 20 pounds and then go to bed and wake up 20 pounds lighter, right!  Our bodies aren’t that bright! It takes time for our bodies to adapt to the new lifestyle. Think about it like this, imagine your body is a TV set and every few minutes or hell seconds you keep changing the channel. Your brain is sitting on the couch trying to process everything you just scrolled through. It can it was too much too soon. The same thing happens when you yo-yo diet.

Feel Like A Failure”
I know when I was going through this every pound I put on I was beat the shit out of myself. Blame myself for not having the willpower, I would then say how can I “burn” it off or how can I further “deprive” myself to get back into my skinny jeans. With each failure, and regain of the weight my confidence took a major hit, and the more I would beat the shit out of myself for not being perfect. This took me a long time to realize but I couldn’t win the yo-yo race no matter how much effort they may place towards it.

What You Should Be Doing Instead
Fear not, my friend, there is a way to turn things around. The first thing is that you must have patience with yourself and the process. I get it, patience is not my strong suit, but if I was unhappy with myself of 9 years I had to give myself at least that long to become happy with myself.
Take this to heart; there are no overnight sensations. Same with our bodies, nothing worth having will come easy. You need to be gentle with yourself and stop trying to push your body relentlessly towards the results you want to see. Patience starts with stick to something for at least one year. Now, don’t press the panic button. When I work with my clients I teach them how to take that year and break it into 2-4 week sprint goals.

We start with small wins, this simply means cutting down on junk food, adding fruits, veggies and proteins to your daily meals, eating smaller portions, and getting your heartrate up with exercise for at least 30 minutes a few times a week. These simple changes are sure to bring about the results you want, So be patient, be gentle, and do your best to take care of yourself.

Are you an action taker” You must be you’ve read this far, I’m hosting a series of Master Classes. In the class you will learn how to take ACTION, how to stop seeking, not liking what you see in the mirror and waiting for effing results. The master class will give you the skills to just DO IT! .


Just like in your business, planning is not doing.
Same thing about talking you still aren’t taking the action that you need to make it happen.
It’s December, have you been thinking about it since last December’ How about the December before that’ Still thinking is NOT doing!! ACTION taking the steps gets you where you want to go.
STOP AND DO IT RIGHT NOW!! Trust yourself, you got this!!!.

BE DO and HAVE a fabulously healthy life without deprivation!!!
The Holiday Survival Masterclass starts on December 14th 7pm EST. It’s just $19.97/class and $47 for all 3 classes.

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